2013 Northshore Hills Road Race - Group 1 - Roster

Event: 2013 NSH Road Race Track: Northshore Hills Road Course Class: Stock, Production Date: 02/04/13 - 02/10/13 Cars: 1. Ford GT 2. Cadillac CTS-V 3. Ferrari 458 Italia 4. 1969 COPO Corvette 5. Shelby Cobra 6. 1969 Dodge Charger 7. 1968 Shelby GT500 8. Nissan GT-R

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2017 DCR Challenge - Group 7 - Roster
Event: 2017 DCR Challenge (Group7) Track: The Challenge Course Class: Stock, Production Event Date: August 21st - 27th Cars: 1. Camaro Z28 2. Buick Grand National 3. Lamborghini 4. Dodge Charger 5. F40 (gold) 6. Chevelle 7. Custom Mustang 8. F40 (black)

Northshore Hills Road Race - Group 2 - Final
Event: 2013 NSH Road Race (Group2) Round: 3 Cars: Ferrari F40 (52g) vs. 1968 Firebird (51g) Teams: Max-G vs. The Black Sedans The Ferrari F40 got off to a good start today in the final race of the week, but the Firebird was not going to go down without a fight. Eventually the old Pontiac made a late pass on the first run, then proceeded to win by a hood-length on the second run. The Black Sedans earned 3 more points for the Group victory, and their Firebird will advance to the Champions Stage of the NSH Road Race later this season.

Sol-Aire (white/green) vs. Sol-Aire (red wing) - GT Championship - Group 7 - Race 5
Event: 2017 Ghost Track Championship (Group7) Round: 2 Race: 5 Cars: Sol-Aire (white/green) vs. Sol-Aire (red wing) Teams: Flying Circus vs. Easy Iron

Citation vs. Testaross - NSH Road Race - Group 6 - Race 6
Event: 2017 Northshore Hills Road Race (Group6) Round: 2 Race: 6 Cars: Chevy Citation vs. Ferrari Testarossa Teams: Pegasus vs. Gravelocity