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2013 Northshore Hills Road Race - Group 1 - Roster

Event: 2013 NSH Road Race Track: Northshore Hills Road Course Class: Stock, Production Date: 02/04/13 - 02/10/13 Cars: 1. Ford GT 2. Cadillac CTS-V 3. Ferrari 458 Italia 4. 1969 COPO Corvette 5. Shelby Cobra 6. 1969 Dodge Charger 7. 1968 Shelby GT500 8. Nissan GT-R


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East Ridge Challenge - Group 1 - Final
Event: 2013 East Ridge Challenge (Group 1) Round: 3 Cars: Unobtainium vs. Nerve Hammer Teams: The Black Sedans vs. Flying Circus The Nerve Hammer showed its consistency in the final race of the week by matching not only its last time, but also its speed at the finish line. Finishing at 15.9sec in round 3 was enough to eliminate the Unobtainium and put team Flying Circus through to the Champions Stage. Seven other group winners will be determined for this event as the season progresses. They will be the ones who the Nerve Hammer competes with for the Championship.

East Ridge Challenge - Group 1 - Day 6
Event: 2013 East Ridge Challenge (Group 1) Round: 2 Car 1: Acura HSC (63g), Force 4 16.5sec Car 2: Nerve Hammer (74g), Flying Circus 15.9sec The Nerve Hammer from team Flying Circus was the fastest car again this round even though it got a little bit slower, finishing in 15.9sec today. The Acura HSC also lost some speed this round, which ended up costing it a chance in the finals as it missed the cut by 0.1sec. Come back tomorrow to see the Nerve Hammer face the Unobtainium in the final race of Group 1.

East Ridge Challenge - Group 1 - Day 3
Event: 2013 East Ridge Challenge (Group 1) Round: 1 Cars: Unobtainium (78g), Megathrust (63g) Teams: The Black Sedans, Easy Iron The next two cars to run this week were the Unobtainium from The Black Sedans and the Megathrust from team Easy Iron. The Unobtainium was the better of the two completing the course in 16.3sec and crossing the finish line at a scale 389mph. The Megathrust, on the other hand, ran the worst time so far this week and will be one of the first two cars eliminated from this group along with the Diesel Boy from team Max-G.

East Ridge Challenge - Group 1 - Day 5
Event: 2013 East Ridge Challenge (Group 1) Round: 2 Car 1: Unobtainium (78g), The Black Sedans, 16.4sec Car 2: Cadillac Cien (63g), Grand Junk, 16.6sec The second round of this week's event started today with the Unobtainium from The Black Sedans making the first run. It was a tenth of a second slower than last round finishing in 16.4sec, and it was just barely faster than the Cadillac Cien who finished in 16.6sec. Tomorrow, after we see the Nerve Hammer and the Acura HSC, we will know if these times are good enough to advance them to the Group 1 final.

East Ridge Challenge - Group 1 - Day 4
Event: 2013 East Ridge Challenge (Group 1) Round: 1 Cars: Acura HSC (63g), Prototype H24 (70g) Teams: Force 4, Speed Kings The last two teams to run in the first round this week were Force 4 and Speed Kings. First up was the Acura HSC who put down a 16.4sec time, then came the H24 who was less than a half-second from making the cut for round 2 with a 16.9sec time. The next round will start tomorrow with the HSC as the number 3 seed, the other cars moving on are the Nerve Hammer, the Cadillac Cien and the Unobtainium.

Northshore Hills Road Race - Group 2 - Final
Event: 2013 NSH Road Race (Group2) Round: 3 Cars: Ferrari F40 (52g) vs. 1968 Firebird (51g) Teams: Max-G vs. The Black Sedans The Ferrari F40 got off to a good start today in the final race of the week, but the Firebird was not going to go down without a fight. Eventually the old Pontiac made a late pass on the first run, then proceeded to win by a hood-length on the second run. The Black Sedans earned 3 more points for the Group victory, and their Firebird will advance to the Champions Stage of the NSH Road Race later this season.

Northshore Hill Road Race - Group 1 - Race 5
Event: 2013 NSH Road Race (Group 1) Round: 2 Cars: Nissan GT-R (36g) vs. COPO Corvette (47g) Teams: The Black Sedans vs. Grand Junk The first semi-final match of Group 1 ended up being a battle of attrition between the Nissan GT-R and the COPO Corvette. It took a total of 6 runs to determine a winner. The Corvette had the lead through the majority of their time on the track, but twice the GTR managed to make a pass right before the finish line to force a split. Eventually the COPO won two in a row clinching a spot in the Group 1 final.

Northshore Hills Road Race - Group 3 - Race 4
Event: 2013 NSH Road Race (Group3) Round: 1 Cars: 1971 GTX vs. 1969 Corvette Teams: Grand Junk vs. Max-G Round 1 came to an end today with this race between a 1971 GTX and a 1969 Corvette. The Corvette came out on top with 2 wins, 1 tie and 1 loss after 4 runs on the road course, while the GTX got 1 win, 1 tie, and 2 losses. Team Max-G gets to advance to the 2nd round thanks to their victory today, come back tomorrow to watch the first race of the semi-finals between the Ferrari GTO and the 1969 Vette.

Northshore Hills Road Race - Group 1 - Race 1
Event: 2013 NSH Road Race (Group 1) Round: 1 Cars: Ford GT vs. Cadillac CTS-V Teams: Easy Iron vs. Flying Circus Team Easy Iron is off to a good start this week earning their second point of the year on the first day of round 1. Their Ford GT did a good job of beating the CTS-V on Run 1, however it was looking pretty bad for the JL on Run 2 until the Caddy flipped onto its roof. We will see in a few days how the Ford GT does in the semi-finals where it will most likely face some tougher competition.

Northshore Hills Road Race - Group 1 - Race 6
Event: 2013 NSH Road Race (Group 1) Round: 2 Cars: Shelby Cobra (51g) vs. Ford GT (53g) Teams: Gravelocity vs. Easy Iron The two heaviest cars from Group 1 went head-to-head on the road course today to see who would advance to the finals against the Corvette. Racing for team Gravelocity was their 51g Shelby Cobra, and for team Easy Iron was their 53g Ford GT. The Shelby ended up winning thanks to a little bit of help from the Ford on "Run 1". If it had not pushed the Shelby it could have potentially earned the victory when it won "Run 2." Instead it only forced a split which allowed the Cobra to come back and win 2 in a row on "3" and "4".

2013 Sno Drift Rally Race

Revan Racing 2013 GT500 Off Road H Pipe
www.revanracing.com This is the sound of an off road H-pipe on a 2013 GT500 going around the Daytona International Speedway Rolex 24 Hour Road Course. Even at 170 MPH it sounds great.

Northshore Hills Road Race - Group 1 - Race 1
Round: 1 Cars: Monte Carlo vs. BMW 850i Teams: Grand Junk vs. MxV The Monte Carlo won today in this heavy weight battle of production class models on the road course. Neither car finished on the first run meaning that the winner of the second run would get to advance. On run 2 the Monte Carlo barely held onto the lead as the BMW tried to make a pass a couple of times. It was a good effort from team MxV, but their first appearance in the DCRL ended with a loss.

2013 DCR Challenge - Group 1 - Roster
Event: The 2013 DCR Challenge Track: DCR Challenge Course *new Class: Stock, Production Date: 01/14/13 - 01/20/13 Cars: 1. 2012 Camaro ZL 2. 1976 Chevy Monza 3. 1992 BMW M3 4. Superbird 5. Lotus Espirit 6. Maserati MC12 7. Aston Martin DBS 8. 1968 Mustang Cobra Jet

New Model 2013 Team Hot Wheels Monster Jam
Check out the 2013 New Model for the Team Hot Wheels Monster Jam! It's a new truck!

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