Tuned by Nelson S , Jesse FD3S RX7 GT35R

Lucky 7 street port , Garrett GT35R , Water inj.

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1993 RX7 R1 GT35R 511rwhp 23 psi Dyno
22-23 psi pass on Dyno dynamanics.

Evo 8 gt35r meth vs. FD Rx7 big turbo dig $ race
Evo gave the RX-7 2 cars and the break because of the cold weather (25 degrees out). $200 pot Evo is on 93oct & meth injection NOT E85

DJ's 93 FD RX7 w/ 1jz GT35r, ~420 whp 1st burnout
DJ's 93 RX7 w/ 1jz 35r, ~420 whp @ 18 lbs.1st self recorded burnout. Love the sound of a Boosted JZ, smoking some 265's tires, 285's tires coming soon . AEM, e85 and more Boost coming soon, can't wait.!!!!!!

Powercruise #50 RX7 FD GT35R 8PSI
One cruise session at Powercruise #50 in my RX7 FD, hope you enjoy. Stock port GT35r Haltech turbosmart Open External Wastegate Tuned by Ben Hunt at Rotary Motorsport Most cars in the vid had 500+hp including the black FD in front of me which was running a T04 and had an extend port.