Donegal International 1983

Won by Vincent Bonner in Escort RS 1800 , brilliant fight back by A McHale in Chevette, B Fisher debut in Manta 400

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Donegal Rally 1990
Donegal rally 1990 the year of the big battle between fisher,mchale and vincent bonner,2 m3s and a opel manta 400 .great to watch

Donegal International Rally 2013 action + mishaps (Flyin Finn
Three days of top class rallying in the Hills Of Donegal. 15 minutes of highlights and still lots of unseen action. Planning on making a epic dvd featuring every stage & every car recorded. So if your interested contact us via

Donegal International Rally 2014 Crash & Action Highlights(
Every car recorded by our 3 cameras on nearly every stage of the Donegal International Rally. We had a great weekend recording the action and this is a small taste of what we got. Will be making a full dvd from the 3 days featuring everything we recorded. e-mail us

Colin McRae, Rally, Big Moment / near miss, 2006, Donegal Rally, Ireland.