Summernats 26 Riot Saturday night guy hits girl

This guy was shitting him self when all these guys where chasing him to kick his head in for hitting his girl friend violence against woman Australia says No

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Summernats 2013 VL Walkinshaw Commodore 2ANGRY In Car Accident At Summernats 2ANGRY VL Walkinshaw Commodore in a bad accident at 2013 Summernats in Canberra Australia. How much bad luck can one serious car enthusiast have...the history of this magnificent Walkinshaw Comoodore is right from the pages of the Worlds Most Unluckiest. This car has been stolen before, although it was located and returned, some good luck. The owner then went about this incredible transformation, as you will see at the start of this well put together video by Then keep watching as the horrific pics that follow, and the car accident that totally totalled this prime VL Walkinshaw Commodore into the length of a Mini. MUST WATCH MUST SEE!!!!

Suckerpunched on the hill
couple of bogans on the hill at a burnout competition get a little " punchy " after a few VB's. One fella gets launched down a few pews then ol mate steps in and says " think of the childrens ?!?!?!?111 " then BAMM. Big fat angry man get escorted out by several bouncers but stops for a drink on the way out . Farmers Union Iced Coffee has never tasted so good :)

Summernats 26 tuff st sat arvo

Girls of Summernats 24
Something a bit different today, the lovely promo ladies of Summernats 24, plus the Miss Summernats girls. All set to some awesome 70s porno/disco music. The music is Stringed Disco by Kevin Macleod from: