Chevy Mustang - 7 Grand Baby!!!

this is the same 83 Mustang seen in other video's of mine. this was shot about midway through the tuning stage when we just worked out a kink that had us limited to about 2500 rpm's. i realise it doesn't sound like much, but it was a very proud moment in the shop to finally hear this beast roar to life at it's full potential.

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Chevy Mustang - First Burnout
this is an 83 stang that we converted to chevy. it has a 650+hp 350 and a 2 speed powerglide trans. so far we have got it into the 11 second range, and hope to drop it to the tens by next season. this video is of the first burnout smokin a brand new set of yokahamas in my driveway.

Chevy Mustang - Glowin Headers
Along with the flame throwing we developed a problem with over heating the headers. at one point when i wasn't recording the headers got so hot that all the pipes were glowing including the 3 inch collector and tailpipe. one splash of water from the radiator and we would have been buying new headers. anywho, this was all a timing problem and is now sorted out

Chevy stang on 150 shot
Built ford tough with Chevy stuff. 150 shot

10sec chevy power mustang
10.72@123 the Boxstang running at the track in 2007