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OLDER N' FASTER // The California Look
Para amantes de fuscas, derivados e amantes de motores boxer! "Créditos a Stephen Brooks FILMS"

VW Show in San Jose, Ca. 4/23/2017
Golden Gate Chapter Vintage Volkswagen Club of America 33nd Annual VW Spring Meet at Kelley Park San Jose

Had the pleasure of being able to build exactly what I had always envisioned driving... a one of a kind bad ass cal looker Volkswagen bug! Thanks to all involved! My 1955 VW Bug "Pimento Momento" --- Inside PIMENTO MOMENTO - My 1955 VW Cal Look Bug --- Car Show and Event Videos --- INSTAGRAM Pics and Videos --- Airkewld Chassis and Custom VW Vidoes --- Brickhaus Restorations Body Shop Videos --- Competition Engineering VW Restoration Videos --- Pinstriping by Poboy Kustoms Videos --- Custom Interior by Miller's Upholstery and Fabrication --- AWESOME VW Videos --- Volkswagen and High Performance Parts Videos --- 1955 VW Bug Work in Progress Videos --- FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE and follow along as we watch the Volkswagen Beetle I bought so long ago at the age of 18, our March of 1955 OVAL WINDOW BUG "PIMENTO MOMENTO", become a fully restored Cal Look Gasser Vee Dub and get back tearing up the streets!!! This is a real dream come true!!! Many thanks go out to all those involved!!! PIMENTO MOMENTO - 1955 - "OLIVE OUR V-DUB" Other VW's owned in the past: 1971 Squareback 1967 Bug with sunroof 1969 Ghia 1966 Bug Filmed in 1080p HD Filmed by Pimento Momento © Copyright, All Rights Reserved music provided by youtube audio library song title: haus guest by gunnar olsen, mad science by mk2, blast off to glory by media right productions, the end is near by gunnar olsen, PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE ---

German Folks VW Club from California
German Folks VW Club from California