SNO*DRIFT RALLY (Sweet Beat Edition)

With no studded tires allowed , any team making it to the end its have a reason to celebrate. From General Hoonigan himself (K.Block) , rally star David Higgins , perfectionist Antoine L'Estage , and many more teams fighting for their class titles. Big respect for all the FWD and RWD teams !! to drive on this surface takes major skill. More detail video will come soon including more teams. Oh, one more thing ... For any haters commenting (again) that drivers in North America don't know how to drive... Well . COME OUT TO PLAY. We welcome you all :) For more better videos then mine , info, pictures go to

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Sno* Drift Rally Atlanta Michigan 2011 Sno-Drift Rally Racing America '11 Snow Drift Dave Mirra
Stage 14 This is our personal highlight video of the 2011 Sno*Drift Rally with Rally America. These videos and pictures were taken on January 29, 2011, the second day of the racing. This is Stage 14 at Camp 8 and Huff Rd. Please rate it and leave us some comments! Special Thanks goes out to Ronald Jenkees for letting me use his song Remix to a Remix in the background of my song. Please support Ronald Jenkees and check out his music at and check out his videos at Racers in this Video 523 - Travis Hanson / Terry Hanson 40 - Dave Mirra / Marshall Clarke 115 - Joseph Burke / Alexander Kihurani 90 - Lauchilin O'Sullivan / Scott Putnam 494 - Roman Pakos / Maciej Sawicki 70 - Christopher Duplessis / Catherine Woods 418 - Jimmy Keeney / Melissa Keeney 44 - Henry Krolikowski / Cynthia Krolikowski 323 - Erik Zenz / Dave Parps 377 - Mason Moyle / Gary Barton 669 - Evan Cline / Grezegorz Dorman 33 - Richard Burton / Unknown 600 - Dillon Van Way / Jake Blattner 540 - Tim Smigowski / Christina Smigowski 65 - Matthew Marker / Christoper Gordon 333 - Wyatt Knox / Verena Mei 425 - Adam Yeoman / Jordan Schulze 548 - Matt Bushore / Andrew Bushore 319 - Chris Greenhouse / Phil Marsh 77 - Viorel Dobasu 99 - Garry Gill / Siddharth Sareen 171 - Carl Siegler / David Goodman 719 - Jared Carpenter / Aaron Helton 286 - Sean Murphy / Kenneth Tsang 37 - Billy Mann / Jimmy Brandt 478 - Evan Moen / Daniel Victor 45 - Andrew Wickline / Stephen Kurey 263 - Scott Rhoades / Scott Nickerson 244 - Ian Topping / Jeff Secor 91 - Erika Detota 696 - Bryan Holder / Tracy Payeur 121 - Nathan usher / Aaron Usher 118 - Nick Allen / Ashley Meadows 69 - David Smith / Scott P Leonard 762 - Justin Robinson / Nicholis Fitzpatrick

Racing and Rally Crash Compilation Week 28 July 2015
R.I.P. Jules Bianchi - Japanese Grand Prix 2014 Please visit our friends at to support us and see a cool collection of motorsport shirts! Thanks to: racingreporteurope VIDEOS nettirabbi JPeltsi D10Mclips Rally4You Videos jakobcecil SpeedEstRacing lepetitvosgiens88 ToutAuCable Rallye Plein Fer iippo k FZRvideo XAnzah Vincent Lidre Kyle Brummett This video is for educational purposes only. This compilation brings all the best of crashes all over the world during the week of 06/07 to 12/07. Catch up all the crashes, smashes, thrills and spills from the past week in this video. Every week RacingFail channel compiles what worse has happened in the world of motorsport in the past week. Subscribe for more! PLEASE: If you see your clip, just leave a comment with a note and we'll add credits straight away to this video AND the clip. You won't regret it! If you still don't want to see your clip in our video just leave a message and we'll remove it as soon as possible. We use very small portions of Videos, therefore these Clips are under the Copyright Law 107 of Fair Use. Wouldn't it be nice to have a single video with nearly every crash in motorsport of the previous week? Now it's possible with a lot of work and research from RacingFail Channel, and it can even be easier if you cooperate with us. We believe you will only gain if doing so. We will help you to Boost up your viewless video (that we were able to find) and hopefully give some subscribers as well. If you want to partner with us and save us some time just leave a private message with a crash link, and you'll see your clip in our next video full of credits and links.

A day on the streets of L.A. with Ken Block and his SYNC equipped H.F.H.V. Ford Fiesta
Ken Block takes to the streets of Los Angeles to test out the new SYNC system in his H.F.H.V. Ford Fiesta race car.

Top Crash Rallyes 2015
Toutes les sorties malheureuses et sans gravité, filmées par le Team3V de 2001 à mi 2015. Après des figures impressionnantes une bonne parties des voitures repartent, non sans mal.