Front engine dragster run.

Reminiscin' Racing making a run at SRCA drag strip with the Rocky Mountain Superchargers. Over 190 M.P.H. in 7.11 seconds. GoPro.

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Alex Hogg, Ford Cammer powered FED
This is the final pairing in Modified class, Mastertom motorplex 10/2/13 Hoggy in the front engine dragster chase's down the altered for the win

"Blown Inheritance" - Nostalgia Dragster - Run #2
The first outing for the Graves - Howell - Meyer "Blown Inheritance" front engine dragster. Run #1 - Planned 330' pass. 5.34 @ 98 mph. Dallas Raceway - April 28th, 2012.

Why You Run Tearoffs When You Drive a Front Engine Dragster
Ran 7.55 at 178 MPH. If you don't run tearoffs on your shield when you drive anything front engine, you will after your first experience with oil in the face. Elimination run against Calvin Costa.

Front engine dragster run at night
Miss Behavin' a.k.a. The Mile-Hi Flyer making an 1/8 mile (due to severe wind) at SRCA drag strip with the Rocky Mountain Superchargers, GoPro.