Datsun 411 SSS KA24E with Nismo R4 cam

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1968 Datsun Bluebird
This is a collection of brief clips and pictures of my old 1968 Datsun Bluebird (or Datsun 1300 as they were known elsewhere). This is a model 410 Bluebird. 1.3L, 4 speed manual, bench seats front and back. Only had some minor surface rust in a couple of places which I was getting fixed. Sadly I no longer own this car as I didn't have room to store it.

R1 Carbed Ka24e in 510 first start
The first time I fired up my Ka24e swap in my 1970 Datsun 510. Its carbed with R1 bike carbs. I built the intake and header and Exhaust. 14lb flywheel. L-series matchbox dizzy.

ダットサン ブルーバード(410型) 昭和42年式 ①
ダットサン ブルーバード(410型) 昭和42年式 詳細は、「エンスーの杜」をご覧ください

Datsun 510 KA24e R1carbs
KA24e with JWT S1 cam, Bogg manifold for Yamaha R1 carbs. Webber DCOE 45 Velocity Stacks, 22 main jets, and 22.5 idle jets 3.5 turns out.