GoPro Hero3 Black vs Sony Action Cam VIDEO comparison

Complete comparison review between the gopro hero3 black edition and the Sony action can HDR-AS15 wi-fi edition. Both cameras are in 1080p. The gopro is 60fps. Enjoy. Twitter @BigZachsHouse

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GoPro HERO4 Black vs Sony FDR-X1000V 4K Action Cam - HANDS ON
Buy your GoPro or Sony Action Cam from Amazon using the links below to support this channel. GoPro HERO4 Black - Sony FDR-X100V Action Cam - Want to see how the GoPro HERO4 Black matches up with Sony's New 4K Action Cam (FDR-X1000V)? We got our hands on both cameras and dug in for this video. We compare sharpness and detail, color, dynamic range, menu, buttons, housings, battery life and mounts. Plus, steady shot, underwater, time-lapse, low-light and wind reduction test footage. Two great Action (POV) cameras. Who will win? Email Newsletter: See the full 4K footage here: Heads up in 4K: Sony FDR-X1000V 4K: GoPro HERO 4 Black 4K:

Test Footage: GoPro Hero 4 Black vs Sony 4K Action Cam
Can Sony catch GoPro? It keeps coming close. Each new Sony action cam almost manages to reach GoPro’s lauded quality, but doesn’t quite seal the deal. With the new high-end 4K Action Cam, Sony looked like it might actually leapfrog GoPro’s flagship Hero4 Black. It doesn’t. Read more here: 694462984

Sony HDR-AZ1 vs GoPro Hero4 BLACK HD
Side by Side Comparison of Sony HDR-AZ1 vs GoPro Hero4 BLACK HD List of Cameras: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- (help fund this channel by using these referral links to purchase, donating to MarkHawkCam through Patreon, or donating to Google Wallet off the main channel page) GoPro Hero4 Black: Sony HDR-AZ1: Sony HDR-AZ1R/W: List of Accessories: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- MPK-AS3 Flat Lens: Rec-mounts Conversion Adapter Sony to Gopro: Micro SD Card suggestions --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- GoPro Will Work With All These Cards Lexar 633x 64gb XC format U3 Class (newest version): Lexar 633x 64gb XC format U1 Class: Lexar 633x 32gb HC format U1 Class: Sony Cards Specifically: SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB UHS-I/U3 (Best but slightly Overkill): SanDisk Extreme Plus 64GB UHS-I/U3: Viewer Suggested: SanDisk Pixtor 32 GB microSDHC UHS-1 Card with Adapter: Other Important Info --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Sony Light Weight Camera 61 grams with battery. GoPro Hero4 Black 90 grams with battery. The missing ports from the AS100 are the External Mic and HDMI out. Firmware. Hero4 Black using post Launch Firmware 1.02. Sony HDR-AZ1 using launch firmware 1.00 **Please help me share these videos** I put a lot of personal time into each video and answering questions. The one area I'd greatly appreciate help sharing and linking to my videos. Views, Likes, and Subscribes are what really help me in getting more videos uploaded each month. **Quick Links** Our New Quick link section in the video will allow you to click directly on the section you want and jump you to that location. I understand your time is valuable and there is only so long you can stand listening to my voice. Otherwise sit back and enjoy all sections. If this feature is not working at the time you are watching this, feel free to use the time code below to jump to the section you want. Subscribe and keep up to date Quicklooks, Side by Sides, Fieldtesting, and new features coming soon. **Date** October 2014 All of the information in this video is provide to the best of my knowledge in Oct 2014 at launch of these cameras. These cameras are bound to get continued support over time and some of this information in this video might become inaccurate. I suggest subscribing to this channel to keep up to date on the latest changes or follow us social subreddit community listed below. **Links and Contact** Our Community: GoPro's Community: Instagram: Twitter: Email:

Sony Action Cam Vs GoPro Hero3 Black
ChutingStar: Sony is making their entrance into the action camera market with the appropriately named "Sony Action Cam". My friends over at ChutingStar loaned me one to try out and see how it stacks up. The Sony Action Cam comes in two models, one that is WiFi enabled and one that is not. I got to play with the WiFi enabled version. I mounted the Sony Action Cam side-by-side with a GoPro Hero3 Black edition. They were mounted as close together as I could get them without each camera interfering with the view of the other. I videoed a couple of tandem skydives with both cameras and edited the footage in a side-by-side comparison with the GoPro footage on the right and the Sony Action Cam on the left. You might notice that you can hear the tandem student screaming in freefall in the second video. The audio was picked up by the Sony camera but not the GoPro. I don't know why, they are both sealed inside waterproof housings, but the Sony seems to pick up audio when surrounded by extremely loud white noise. ChutingStar: