Supercharged Escalade Rollin Hard...SMD Style

this truck has been seen in pics and videos sitting still, i thought id make a video of what it looks like rollin.....and it does roll HARD. 2004 Caddy EXT sittin on 26" Lexani, they look like spinners but they arent....all Zapco amps, RE MT 15" subs, Rockford Fosgate Mids/highs....tons more, too much to mention here. Doja Clik bumpin their beats at the end. Thanks to my Co-Pilot Joe-E! Visit my site to see more!

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Tahoe SLAMMED floatin' on 26's(NOT Spinners!) Wilwood Brakes
a video i made on a nice sunday morning showing what my truck looks like rollin down the highway. Rims almost look like spinners or "floaters" but they are Wilwood 16" 6 Piston Big Brake kit lookin sexy behind the 26's. This video also shows how it sounds when your in front of me at a light (if i turn my system on).

SMD Escalade Tears up Sonnys Liquor (8 18's 30k watts!)
me and my boy Jeff went to visit Sonny's Liquor to visit my man sonny......we forgot to tell him we were comin.

Amp Test Tuesday - Phoenix Gold RX500.1 Rated 500 watts RMS - Good Flea Market Power? (video 3)
How to win this amp (we have a winner! click here to see who got it!) ower-at-the-flea-market-undercover-500w-purchase-guess-the-power-win-it-pg- rx5001-part-2/ SMD Products Available at and many more online outlets! In this series of tests, we took it straight to the swap meet. I picked up 2 cheap amps for about $100 each. Brought them home and tested them. Next set of video's i will get some SERIOUS no name brands and test those too. Next up, the PG amp. Subscribe! ill have that video ready by next tuesday! Amp #1: Gravity 1500.1d Amp #2 Phoenix Gold rx500x1 both rated 500w RMS in the owners manuals. Don't forget to Subscribe Also, check out my other pages: Instagram: Facebook Page here: Follow:

system so loud it opens door
on my way out from picking up a tire for my sons bike i let the building have a taste of some beat. The people working there like beat so its cool.......