Final Painting Stages & Clear Coating

Progress on the 55 Chevrolet "So Freakin' Blue" Please visit my blog:

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Update #2 c.g.g Model contest paint job
Model cars and trucks

HOW TO | Wet Sanding & Polishing
This video show how to wet sand and polish your model cars. link for the abrasive cloths:,7601.html

Clear Coating Models
I got a message from a fellow on ISM about Clear Coating models why and when to use it. This is a discussion about the products I use and when and how I use them.

Revell 69 Chevy Nova COPO (Clear Coat)
Decided to do a factory stock build this time around. The car is Testors Model Master Metallic Turquoise enamel. I'll be running wires, heater hoses for a little more motor compartment detailing. In this one I clearcoat with Pledge Future Floor Wax (clear acrylic).