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Yamaha VMAX VS CBR1000 Drag race 1/8 Shelor motor mile

This was my favorite race I've ever run! And I lost!! I ran a super nice guy named Chad. I was on my 1992 Yamaha Vmax. Chad was on his Honda CBR 1000. It was such a close race. I got him out of the hole and held him off until the last possible fractions of a second when he ran me down! I ran 7.4 seconds @ 95.48 mph. Chad ran 7.235 @ 107.09. I never saw him until right before I crossed the line. Rock on Chad, nice race!!


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Ducati Diavel 2015 Review (Sponsored By Bridgestone)
Chris Northover from Superbike Magazine joins us in Monte Carlo for the launch of the new Ducati Diavel.

V-max 1700 Mega Max Exhaust
V-max 1700 with DAM Mega Max Exhausts. More info @ www.damExhaust.com

Yamaha VMAX VS ZX14 Drag race 1/8 Shelor motor mile
I raced a 2006 Kawasaki ZX14 at The Shelor motor mile in Radford VA with my Yamaha Vmax. He had been tweaking it and said he had some problems. This bike is now for sale.

Suzuki GSX1100S VS カタナ YAMAHA Vmax TAVAXカスタム
友人が来てくれました、 有名なカタナ、 そうです、ミスターバイクBGの表紙を飾った あのマシーン、 詳しくはミスターバイクBG 2007年12号 http://www.kurocco.com/cgi-bin/mach3/column/search/1072531988.html スズキ・カタナ(かたな)とは、スズキ株式会社が販売 していたオートバイの車種。シリーズとして排気量別に 数車種が生産されていたが、当初はGSX1100Sカタナ(輸出 標・KATANA)のことを指した。 最初に販売された1100ccモデルについては、生産終了後も 高い人気があったことから、1987年と1990年に復刻モデル してGSX1100S KATANAが限定輸出販売され完売。1100ccを模した250cc・400cc 車種も順次販売され、これらも高い人気を博した。そ て国内の二輪排気量上限撤廃を受け、1994年には遂にGSX1 100Sカタナの国内販売が開始された。ただ、この国内モ ルは、パワークラッチが装着され、リアサスのショッ アブソーバーもリザーバタンク別体式になるなど、細 なところで従来モデルとの差別化がなされた(但しタ ヤ/ホイールサイズは同一であるほか、ブレーキも登場 のまま)為か、従来モデルとは形式が異なっている為 車検証を見比べると全くの別車種である印象を受ける ヤマハ・V-MAX(ブイ-マックス)とは、1985年にヤマハ発 機から海外へ輸出が開始された大型自動二輪車の1つ。 時期、日本国内でも販売されていた。 A famous Katana, and it is that machine so that decorates BG Mistarbaic's cover, and details are No.12 to which the friend came in Mistarbaic BG 2007. http://www.kurocco.com/cgi-bin/mach3/column/search/1072531988.html ) is ..sea bass Katana (.. model of the motorcycle that SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION. was selling. At first, the GSX1100S Katana (export firm signpost and KATANA) was indicated though numerical models were produced as a series according to the displacement. About 1100cc model sold first, a limited export sales are done and GSX1100S KATANA is sold all from there was high popularity after production ends as a reprint model in 1987 and 1990. The model of 250cc・400cc to imitate 1100cc was sold one by one, and popularity that these are high was gained. And, domestic two-wheel displacement upper bound abolition was received, and the domestic sale of the GSX1100S Katana was finally begun in 1994. However, this domestic model receives the impression It is a previous model, and that is it a point detailed as the power clutch is installed, and the shock absorber of Riasas becomes a body type according to Rizarbatanc, too and a complete another model in which it differentiated (However, tire/size of the wheel remains as the brake appears besides the same, too) when the automobile inspection certificate is compared because the form is different from the previous model probably because of. Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and V-MAX (buoy max) are one of the large-scale automatic operation two-wheeled vehicles from which export is begun in 1985 from YAMAHA MOTOR to foreign countries. It was being sold by Japan for a certain period of time.

VMAX VMX1200 Yamaha motorcycle
This is my 92 yamaha vmax it is now for sale.

VMax vs Hayabusa

Yamaha Vmax - UFO VGAS™ Wheelie Madness
September 30th 2010, Norwalk OH. UFO Performance Products Tangerine Dream makes a wild wheelie pass down the 1/4 mile. ©2010 - planetvmax.com™ ©2010 - UFO Performance Products™

Two Yamaha V-Max's Drag Racing at Numida Raceway
Two Yamaha V-Max's Drag Racing at Numida Raceway. Taken summer of '08 in Numida Pa.

V-MAX RACING TEAM ishi-yan 3
V-MAX RACING TEAM ishi-yan 3

Yamaha Vmax 200 BHP drags at Flugplatzblasen 2010
Big guy drags on Yamaha Vmax at Flugplatzblasen 2010

Greymouth Street Race 09 onboard Honda F1 CBR1000
This is an onboard shot from "Dan Mckenzie's" Honda F1 blade CBR1000 at the "09 Greymouth Street Race". Just a pitty some @#%*!!^# tapped him off. But I guess that's racing for ya. I'm sure Dan will be back next year with vengeance.

Yamaha Vmax Hyper Modified.mp4
www.motoxp.ru - customizers Marcus Walz, Ludovic Lazareth, and Roland Sands will debut their version of the Yamaha VMAX as part of the VMAX Hyper Modified Project.

2014 Yamaha FZ-09! Low-End Torque and an Intense Top-End Rush - On Two Wheels Ep. 47
Does gobs of low-end torque and an intense top-end rush sound appealing? Then you're going to get a kick out of Yamaha's new FZ-09, which sports a feisty 847cc inline-triple bolted into a bare-bones chassis. On this episode of On Two Wheels, Motorcyclist magazine Road Test Editor Ari Henning introduces you to the new Yamaha and gives a breakdown of it's strengths and weaknesses. On Two Wheels appears every other Wednesday on the new Motor Trend channel. http://www.youtube.com/motortrend Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=motortrend Facebook - http://facebook.com/motortrendmag & http://www.facebook.com/motorcyclistmag Twitter - http://twitter.com/motortrend Google+ - https://plus.google.com/101867967859016552744/posts Website - http://www.motortrend.com & http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/index.html

Worlds first 8 second Vmax - 8.87 @ 156.82 Mph
Worlds Fastest Vmax, Worlds Quickest Vmax, Worlds Fastest Gen2 Vmax UFO Performance Products™ BattleStar 8 second 1/4 Mile run. This is a video recorded and produced by UFO Performance Products™ documenting the record setting 8.87 second pass. ©2010 - UFO Performance Products™ ©2010 - planetvmax.com™

Yamaha 1200 V-Max Review (1998)
Paul Johnston tries out the 1998 Yamaha 1200 V-Max, looking at it's practicality, styling and performance.

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