Stock Holden VE SV6 Vs Stock Ford FG XR6

A 2006 Holden Commodore VE SV6 Drag racing a 2010 Ford Falcon FG XR6

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Holden Commodore VF SV6 VS Ford Falcon FG XR6
XR6 (taken straight from the original video) 2013 Ford Falcon FG XR6 (hired) Fitted with Fords well known 4.0 litre inline 6 engine sending 195kW/351Nm straight to the 17 x 8-inch 5-spoke alloy wheels.. On our second day of driving this thing i found out very quickly that they can easily loose traction in the wet once you get over 3500 revs... 5 speed tiptronic automatic ZF sports transmission WAS NOT driven in PER (Performance) mode in this video but we have driven it in PER mode off camera. 0-80 in roughly 6.2 seconds, 0-100 in about 6.5.. Stacks up well against Holdens SV6 but thats for another day for us to try and see...... SV6 (copied straight from the original video) 2014 Holden VF Commodore SV6 (hired) 6 speed automatic transmission. The SV6's 3.6 litre V6 (with enhanced acceleration) comfortably produces 210kW/351Nm output at the wheels (Its a wagon unfortunetly but we cant help these things) 0-100 roughly in between 6.5-7.5 seconds, I actually had my foot flat to the floor on one of the attempts, I actually got scared by the amount of juice it pulled out when I did and i'm a hard young man to scare. Overall a very good car and makes an extremely nice drive, much better then the VE SV6, both looks and performance wise. Gets to 100 fairly quick, not the sexiest sounding engine in the world, but it will come up as a hard sell in the final decision against the Ford Falcon FG XR6. Might I say it was pleasantly surprising that the Mylink stereo system actually played my music this time around as with the Evoke we tested it didn't, but overall a very good car that's loads of fun. The steering in this thing is a lot like the XR6 which is another reason why it will come up as a hard sell against it, where is as in the VE I found the steering was actually heavier, and the seats in this are quite comfortable where is as in the VE SV6 they are higher and harder to handle. But overall a very good car that's loads of fun.

Holden VE V6 vs Ford XR6 N/A
lost traction bad on launch still caught up & chopped the xr6 yew

Fpv Typhoon vs Hsv R8
F6 typhoon vs HSV r8. This is for all you V8 lovers... ;) Friday cruise night...!

Top Gear Australia: Holden vs Ford #2
BUY HOLDEN AND FORD!!! Either way, at least you are supporting AUSTRALIA. Caught this just before it started. Don't know about part 1... Was a few weeks ago and I didn't see it.. Free cash and domains: