Camming DSM

My new setup idle and rev to launch stage. BC280/280 cams

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Camming DSM part II
Same engine from the black 1g

BC 280's with open downpipe
turbonetics 50 trim, stock block, built head with BC 280s.

dsm for sale 480 hp open cut down pipe 280 cams
started winter time dsm 280 cams open cut down pipe

Eclipse GST Head Build with BIG cam - Runs against S13 and 335i
Eclipse gst that was my first car. See Dyno video: See Build Video: Blew the rings out of the motor running a built Camaro. Decided to build head while motor was down. Ported everything myself. Running BC 280 cams. They sound pretty good for a 4 cylinder. Run against the roommates 240sx that I helped build(cant help him shift though) Friends 335i that is FBO (full bolt on) is a nasty little DD. Fed the need for one! If you like the video please thumbs up.