chevy truck fuel pump

Rough Idle Loping engine No power? Changed all of your sensors? No ecm codes? Check your fuel pressure. Awsome issue with chevy trucks!

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1990 Chevy Truck Easy Fuel Pump Removal (4replacement)
Lifting the truck bed on fuel tank side was an easy way to replace our fuel pump. It saved us about $700.00 and was easier than we had imagined. Just needed 1 or 2 strong backs to lift one side up and insert supports. We did need to use a breaker bar to loosen rusty bed bolts. We also had to replace our fuel injectors because they had worn out, but we couldn't tell how bad they were until we installed the new pump. Then they just gushed gas so fast that we ended up with a vapor locked engine. We replaced fuel injectors, removed spark plugs and distributor wire, turned engine over a few times to remove gas, replaced plugs and distributor wire and got the oil changed. Our truck that had been sitting for 6 months was taken to be emission tested and to our delight passed! Truck has over 600,000 miles on it.

Electric Fuel Pump Modification - 87 GM to fit 89 Wire Harness - Rewire Part 3
Tank removal and converting an 87 GM truck fuel pump and sender to fit an 89 GM wiring harness. A continuation of Unwiring and Rewiring (One Eyed Willie) my mud truck. Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge this video is accurate. I am in no way responsible for any occurence resulting from following the instructions in this video.

Fuel Pump replacement by Cutting a Hole in the Box - GMC Pickup
Replacing a fuel pump on a 1994 GMC truck requires you to drop the fuel tank or lift the truck box. Both are awkward if you don't have the right lifting tools or maybe if your fuel tank is right full. So I cut a hole in the box and removed the pump from on top. This will make it easier if I ever have to pull the pump again.

Fuel Pump Replacement on 2000 Chevy Truck 30 Minutes
2000 Chevy Truck Fuel Pump Replacemen