Aardvark Datsun 260Z with VQ35 engine revs like hell

Aardvark takes some revs with sychronised ITBs and proper accel enrichment. Gotta love our long tube headers. Fabrication and tuning by http://pwracing.hu Check out my youtube channel for the build.

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A Hangyász Datsun 260Z első sikeres próbaútja
Futóműállítás után sikeres próbautat tett a http://pwracing.hu műhelyében épített Datsun 260Z-alapú pályaautó. További sztori: http://karotta.hu Special thanks: Michelin

Datsun 260Z Aardvark Hot Laps at the Hungaroring
Watch people having fun / twitching in horror as I take them on a ride in a 330 hp, 2500 lbs vintage race car. Pilot Sport Cup tires destroyed courtesy of Michelin. Read the story of the build here: http://www.speedhunters.com/2012/12/building-the-ultimate-grip-n-drift-dats un/ Original footage: http://duen.hu Custom widebody kit by ourselves

**I filmed the video in 24 FPS and my settings on Adobe were on 30 FPS, so I'm guessing that's why some clips are a little choppy, sorry about that!** I haven't seen Bruce's 280ZX in sooo long, was really good seeing it again today. Looks clean! Thanks for watching guys, like, share, subscribe! Follow me on my social media pages; @jdmfuentes on instagram and twitter! Song: Ryan Little - Gotham YouTube: http://www.YouTube.com/TheR4C2010 (Hit that Subscribe button!) Soundcloud: http://www.Soundcloud.com/iamryanlittle (Hit that Follow button!) DATSUN, 280ZX, S130, AG WHEELS, NITTO TIRE, COFFEE AND RICE, SUNDAY, GOOD VIBES, PORSCHE, 964, P CAR, MIATA, RX7, FC3S, FD3S, HAKOSUKA, JDM, AE86, RHD, GOPRO, HERO 5

Insane VQ35HR 240Z Race Car Project
Insane VQ35HR 240Z Race Car Project The remnants of a Datsun 240Z, a late-model engine swap, a whole lot of tubing, and a slathering of carbon fibre thrown in for good measure. This is a complete ground-up build if I’ve ever seen one. The thread actually started in 2009, so there are a few dead links, but all the oily bits are still there for us to enjoy. You can check out the owner’s website here: http://www.rolston.me/NewSite/Z-car.html