The best parallel parking ever!

Watch this car fail very close to death: and also this man sleeping in a burning car:

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Ultimate Parking Skill Compilation
Compilation of epic win, fail, funny parking situations. If u like it, please subscribe, comment, like or share. epic fail,epic win, funny parking skilled drivers, non-skilled drivers, accidents, crashes

Parallel Parking - How To Parallel Park, PERFECTLY
How to maneuver a Perfect Parallel Parking When parking next to a bigger vehicle Line up the rear bumpers and follow the procedure

People Taking Revenge For Bad Parking
Watch People Taking Revenge For Bad Parking

Parallel Parking - Aligning Yourself Properly
Parallel Parking - Aligning Yourself Properly A video on how do align yourself when parallel parking. Using the mirrors to align yourself, the other car's plate, and so on. For any info: My website: Gmail: Facebook: Twitter: Note : If the vehicle on the right is a lot larger than your vehicle, don't use the second method of determining your distance by aligning the plate to the left of right of the window. Use the first method of aligning your mirror before or after the other car's mirror. You can watch my original video on parallel parking by clicking on the following link: u5tabq00k Note 2: Always do your verifications to make sure you're not getting too close to the other vehicles, people that might be passing by or any other obstacles before each maneuver.