The best parallel parking ever!

Watch this car fail very close to death: and also this man sleeping in a burning car:

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Ultimate Parking Skill Compilation
Compilation of epic win, fail, funny parking situations. If u like it, please subscribe, comment, like or share. epic fail,epic win, funny parking skilled drivers, non-skilled drivers, accidents, crashes

16 Driving Hacks from Experienced Drivers
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Parallel Parking - How To Parallel Park, PERFECTLY
How to maneuver a Perfect Parallel Parking When parking next to a bigger vehicle Line up the rear bumpers and follow the procedure

How different countries react to: Ambulance Sirens (international)
Because of the huge response this video archived I will keep uploading videos in this style on to this channel. Feel free to subscribe if you would look forward to more of those. (Absolutely not begging :^) ) Sources: Ardi Iwan: Ardi Iwan: Doug Gordon: ActorVarunPruthi: badwolf1050: Japan Online: EmergencyPL: (It's obvious that some of these barely can be compared to each other.)