Pinto Turbo Kit Car

Pinto turbo Kit Car GBS Zero First Start

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Pinto Ohc Capri Turbo Carb
This is my first video of my turbo carb capri with malpassi fuelpressure regulator. Need some finetune to run good. Pinto turbo Engine from Sierra 2.0 Ohc. - Enjoy the world of Fun and Racing Send us your Video and we will support you, if we like your video! or via PM on Youtube, Facebook or Twitter Race & Fun TV support other Youtubers who create good stuff, show them the whole world and link to the originals. Race & Fun TV - the world of fun and racing all around the world

78 turbo Pinto first start up
First start of my project. ran rough at first. It smoothed out after warming up and a little playing with the timing. It still needs about a months worth of work before its on the road.

Sierra Pinto Turbo_
2.0 pinto motor. Sierra Cosworth forget piston. Garette t03 turbo. Cosworth intercoller. turboya uygun kızıl yatak. 32/36 Weber Karbüratör. Titanyum subob ve yayları. Suboblara bronz kayıt geçirildi. Şu anda 1.3 bar ile harika bi performans veriyor. OMVL büyük boy lpg beyni takıldı. Silindir kapağına çelik conta yapıldı. 2 bar basınca çıkabilecek alt yapıya sahip.

My pinto turbo