Ford Lightning Blows up "Oh Fu@k"

Ford lighting on Nitrous blows up going down the track, threw a rod :-(

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Free Life FIlms - GARTH285 Testing the Turbo Hayabusa at PBIR!!
Reposting for my man Hans Jr from Free Life Films! He made me look WAY cooler than I actually am! These were some test runs of Tubro Busa at Palm Beach International Raceway at a TNT. Bike has alot more in it. More tuning and passes to come!! Check out the build and the tuning over at Make sure to Like the new Facebook page and subscribe to the YouTube channel for new DVD promos and upcoming videos.

Cammed Firehawk battles Trans Am and Whipple Ford Lightning
A night in Mexico with 2.3L Whipple powered Ford Lightning, cammed LS1 firehawk (manual), and a cammed LS1 Trans Am (automatic).

Street Racer Blows up Civic on Nitrous
the video in the comments is of a crx with this exact same set up pulled right out of this car and put in the crx the exact same way. no bottle mount at all and the motor was built from junkyard parts and it did not blow up after a month of nothing but Nitrous runs.point is i dnt think bottle mounts matter...

Ford Lightning Pinion Angle Change While Driving
After measuring my pinion angle with the truck still, I wanted to see the pinion angle at various engine loads before making a decision on shims.