Ford Lightning Blows up "Oh Fu@k"

Ford lighting on Nitrous blows up going down the track, threw a rod :-(

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Ford Lightning (Blows Head Gasket) vs Pontiac G8
Jon's new Lightning blows a head gasket at the August 4th, 2013 Flashlight drags. Get that thing back together and ready for next season, Jon!

Ford Lightning on 5252 Motorsports Dyno
One of the most notable cars of our January baseline special was this 2003 Ford Lightning. With a fair list of mods it layed down 431HP and 580 ft/lbs. We look forward to seeing it again sometime.

Ford Lightning Donut
Ford Lightning doing a donut with a go pro hd camera.

Stock GMC Syclone vs Modded Ford Lightning
THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES FOR FORD OWNERS THAT ARE INTENDED FOR A MATURE GM AUDIENCE. FORD VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Here are the stats for both trucks in case you don't know what google is... 1991 GMC Syclone 0-60 4.6sec 1/4mi 13.4sec 280hp 350lb tq 2001 Ford Lightning 0-60 5.8sec 1/4 13.9sec 380hp 450lb tq My Syclone is stock with the exception of a Walbro fuel pump. This race was on Mobil 91oct pump gas. Lightning owner claimed he had a pulley, Exhaust, and a chip.