Rex's Supra at TX2k12 event

Here are some runs that we got in, we did not get that many do to cracked case on transmission first night, swapped out tranny's and got right back into the action, but missed the Dyno day that we would of won!!

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TX2K12 - TWO 1500hp TT Superlegera's -vs- 1400hp Supra -vs- Nitrous 1000RR
TX2K12 DVD Released! - One of the biggest match-ups of the TX2K12 SUPERBOWL OF STREET RACING in Houston occurred between a 1250+hp Supra (Sea Fish) driven by Tag an a couple of 1500+hp twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo's after he beat SW's 1250hp TT Superleggera the night previously and put SW KILR plates on the car. So Underground Racing brought out the big guns to show everyone what they're all about! This is just a small fraction of the street racing captured by 1320Video, pre-order the DVD to see more!!!

TX2K12 Ricer almost launches into Lamborghini Superleggera at Night meet
Idiot almost hits superlegerra @ Night meet TX2K12

Tx2k10 Underground racing TT lamb 1500hp vs LMR vett 1200hp vs UGR TT viper 1500 vs zx14
Tx2k12 coming in march 15-18 visit TrueStreetCars . com for more info (events and meests section) info on what went down at tx2k10 streetracing only as per johnvon note the cbr is a really a 600 and the go pro's are from the1 percent

★ 2012 Nissan GT-R "The Hulk" by Severn Valley Motorsport HD (1080p) ★
Just when we thought we found our favorite customized GT-R in AMS Performance's monster of a Nissan GT-R called the "Alpha Omega". Capable of blasting along a quarter mile in just 8.97 seconds with a ridiculous top speed of 216.9 mph, the Alpha Omega vaulted to the top of the list as far as most awesome GT-R's are concerned. Well, now we have to reconsider because UK tuner Severn Valley Motorsport has released their own souped up GT-R, affectionately billed as "The Hulk." One monster GT-R deserves another monster GT-R. The Hulk, which has been painted in a metallic Imperial Green Pearlescent finish, also comes with plenty of aerodynamic carbon components, including the new front bumper, the GTC Carbon bonnet, carbon gas bonnet lifts, and a host of carbon items - the rear diffusers, side skirts, and rear arch extensions - from Wald International. The S2 Active split wing from Aeromotion was also fitted into the Hulk, as are carbon race mirrors mounted on pillars, carbon Exhaust surround, front and rear side markers, LSD doors, L.E.D angle eye day light running lights, and a new set of 20" Volks Racing light weight wheels wrapped in Toyo R888 315/30/20 tires. Inside, the Hulk was treated to a full carbon interior package, Cobra front carbon ultra light race seats, Alcantara fabrics, a six-point roll cage that was custom built to SVM specs, and Takata four-point race harnesses. All that said, the real meal ticket of the Hulk is what lies under its hood. With an extensive performance upgrade that includes fitting their own 4.2-liter SVM HULK Spec Forged Blueprinted Unit, SVM was able to Boost the street-legal GT-R's output all the way up to 1,250 horsepower with a sick top speed of 218 mph, which by the way, is a new top speed record! The record was achieved at RAF Marham military base in Norfolk, UK and was confirmed by Racelogic Vbox data.