Jeff's M3 needs a little help in the ice and snow

I don't know how he got down the road this far down the road the night before. The road is not paved and the tire tracks were ice. Background: A few friends camped out in the freezing cold (it seriously never got above 32, a low of 20). None of us had camped out in the snow before and it was a lot of fun

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M3 and Civic snow driving!
just some slides and wheel spins in the snow way back in the day!!! and lets not forget! David crashed his civic like 5 minutes after the vid!! that was fun!!! lollol random day, we went up there with nothing but T-shirts!!! had a blast! and came back! didnt know a Blizzard was going to start!!!

Call of Duty World at War Flying Glitch
call of duty world at war flying glitch, i don't know how its done, but apparently someone does

Audi S4 & BMW M3 Snow Drifting
12-03-2010 Camera man was cold causing shaky video. Please subscribe, like, and comment! Check out my channel for more videos!

Polski + Rear Wheel Drive BMW Vs. Blizzard
My friend Anthony trying to get out of the parking lot after we had a huge snow storm in Minneapolis. He obviously had no clue what to do and I made no attempt to try to help. Hilarious.