Jeff's M3 needs a little help in the ice and snow

I don't know how he got down the road this far down the road the night before. The road is not paved and the tire tracks were ice. Background: A few friends camped out in the freezing cold (it seriously never got above 32, a low of 20). None of us had camped out in the snow before and it was a lot of fun

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BMW E36 M3 with No Muffler
Took of my Exhaust to put some new B&B on and decided to start it up without the muffler.

My E36 M3 Tour and Test Drive
My 1997 E36 M3 A lot of people ask about my car and whats been done/taken out so heres a quick tour of my car and a little test run. Yeah, its dirty, so what.. The weather was warm and dry, it had just snowed almost a week before there was still snow on the ground lol. Roads were a little damp in some areas from melting snow so you will see the wheel spin even in 3rd gear. Driving with 1 hand isnt as fun as it sounds either.. Mods: LTW Intake (AFE, Manifold, asc-del. VAC 70mm TB) Full Exhaust (SS reps, str8 pipes, aa gen3) fan del. and pullies 3.38's clutchmaster FX700 No tune, my biggest downfall in this car I believe. Am going to wait til I collect all the parts I need before I tune it, like cams.

BMW M3 Crazy Russian
Мастерство вождения на BMW M3... Лучшее качество на

Call of Duty World at War Flying Glitch
call of duty world at war flying glitch, i don't know how its done, but apparently someone does