The Komodo 1000

Introducing one serious off-road machine. The all new 2011 KOMODO 1000 by Chironex Inc. is now available nation wide with dealerships across Canada. This 2 seater side by side doesn't play around. It revs in at an industry leading 1000 cc, 4 cylinder, 4 stroke, electronic fuel injection, performance shocks, dual disc brakes, alloy wheels and a heck of a lot of attitude. Once you drive a Komodo 1000 4x4, you will never look at off-roading the same.

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Chironex Komodo 1000
Chironex Komodo 1000

2013 Chironex Komodo 1000 EFI
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Komodo 1000 de Chironex dans le pique de sable (Sand Mountain)
Avec mon Komodo dans un pique de sable.

Chironex Komodo Demo The Next Big Thing
new brand to the recreational vehicle marketplace. It symbolizes, with equal emphasis, quality, innovation and affordability. Chironex owes its gaining popularity to the simple strategy of introducing a quality product, at prices affordable to the mass market and offering industry-leading warranties. Their foreign partner factories maintain excellent track records of manufacturing premium products. Chironex works with them from R&D stages to material and part procurement, pre-production, inline and post production quality control. The superior quality and performance of Chironex products is a direct outcome of this symbiotic amalgamation of resources. 1 Year Warranty: All parts of the vehicle except those listed under the caption "What is not covered" (See below). This warranty covers any repairs needed to correct defects in materials or workmanship. CHIRONEX is committed to producing the highest quality of scooters, ATVs, UTVs, and automobiles. All of our authorized dealers are dedicated to providing the best care and service for your vehicle. PHASE 1 (6 months) ALL PARTS COVERED// PHASE 2 (9 months) ENGINE & ELECTRIC ONLY// PHASE 3 (12 months) ENGINE ONLY WHAT IS NOT COVERED? (WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS): Any damage resulting from negligence of the periodic maintenance; Any damage which results from repair, adjustment or maintenance operations by any methods other than those specified by CHIRONEX; Any damage which results from hard driving due to race, rally, or operation in a location not generally used for driving; Any damage which results from use beyond the limitations specified in the CHIRONEX Operations Manual such as overloading the vehicle, or any damage from the use under abnormal conditions. Video edit and music courtesy of DANCEFANTASY Sound Lab: "L'Amor la Belle Canadian [Avez Vous Avec Moi]" from the album "Exotic Love Songs [Every Woman's Fantasy Pt. 2 ] International Clean Version]" 2012. Licensed by Sony Entertainment. For more music; Contact: Shadow System: or