Jetta Engine Runaway

Burn Baby, Burn : ) Throttle stuck open, so we let it go for a while =D

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How to kill a Volvo 360
We drain all the oil and water and put a rock on the gas pedal.

part 2 with 175hp nos nitrous magna engine fail blow rally fun burnout fire
this is the v6 3.0 magna with 175hp of Nitrous being switched on and off , it only stopped due to the wiring melting

Sudden unintended lawnmower acceleration!!! Watch that gasoline they're selling!
A runaway lawnmower engine! Toyota unintended accelerationish? E 10 fuel once hot will ignite and make full power with no spark to the spark plugs..and so will the Suzuki in the vid over 50 degrees over 70 mph...

TDI Turbo failure
VW Golf TDI turbo failure