400+ AWHP 2004 Subaru WRX STI Out for a Spin GoPro

Just crusing around testing out the new GoPro. Riding through Killian area in Miami. Opening it up and hitting it around some corners a little bit @ 4:53 and 5:54. "Miami Traffic Boy!" - Dean Mods: Brian Crower Rods, CP Pistons, 2006 STI Heads, Cosworth Cams, Cosworth Valvetrain, FP Red turbo, 750 CC injectors, HKS Sequential blow off valve BOV, stock computer on reflash with 9K rev limit ;) UPDATE: Car has and HKS Exhaust Car has 20,000 original miles!

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650 WHP Subaru STI Gives Me a Heart Attack
It's yet another day on my trip to California! I made the drive from LA over to Murrieta to meetup with Shayne from Subros at which point we hungout with some subscribers and went for a drive in his 500hp STI hatch. After we had filmed an episode for Roads Untraveled and a couple of videos for Shayne's channel, I hopped in the Metro Performance 650whp STI which proceeded to tear my face off. Enjoy! Shayne's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SuBros760

NEW VIDEO of Subaru Impreza WRX 400+ HP STI on expressway
Pulling to 140 on the exit ramp starting at 1:47

Best of Rallye 2013 [HD]
The best scenes of the rally season 2013.

07 Subaru STi Cruising - Testing GoPro HD Hero
WARNING!! If you are looking for a speeding STi please look elsewhere!!! This video is not about how good the driver drives his STi. It is about having fun with GoPro!~ We just got our GoPro so we decided to test the mounting spots and the quality of the video. STi cruising on the streets in Burnaby BC!~ Check out another "edited" video of the same STi here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3s9eEHxNrc&lc=jNOVaONkvCJ7F78XHiYmlqG3JJhhm zBK98tCT0BfoFQ&feature=inbox