2011 Infiniti M56 - Name That Exhaust Note, Episode 50 - CAR and DRIVER

On Tuesday, we posted an audio recording of a mystery car's Exhaust note. To hear it again, click play above. How are you people so good at this? A strong majority of guessers were right: this week's recording came from one of our latest long-termers, a 2011 Infiniti M56. Like that sound? Download the MP3 and quiz your friends, make your own ringtone, or just lull yourself to sleep with sweet, sweet vehicular ear candy. 2011 Infiniti M56 Exhaust MP3 http://blog.caranddriver.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/2011-Infiniti-M56.mp3 (Right-click to Save As...)

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Modified Infiniti M56 Exhaust, Dyno, & Track Video
Just a short video of my 2011 M56. Mods are listed at the end of the video. Enjoy!

Arvano Wheels | Infiniti M56 on Arvano Vento Profile A+B
Infiniti M56 on Arvano Vento Profile A+B View all of our wheels at http://arvanowheels.com Follow us: http://facebook.com/arvanowheels http://instagram.com/arvanowheels

Infiniti M56 Stock exhaust vs. Stillen Cat Back vs. Straight Pipe
the stock Exhaust clip was from iPhone and the rest from Android so the sound is slightly different. hopefully it give a good idea of the change in sound though. (it added some HP as well)

Infiniti m56s vs zo6
He give me jump at 140 km and past me at 220 ... freaindly race Zo6 ( varam airintake and tun and headers ) Infiniti ( stillen Exhaust and kn filter )