c5 corvette test

This is just a little test to refresh my memory. launch-4000-4500 (bog to keep from breaking loose) shift-6000-6100-traction control OFF, comp mode bad! haha i guess it doesn't matter whatever gets the job done.

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C5 Corvette Exhaust Install - Mid America Quadrapower
http://www.fullthrottlecorvette.com Watch Dave install the Mid America Quadra Power Exhaust on a C5 Corvette - as always, follow the manufacturer's official instructions when installing one yourself! Compare these to the Borla "Stinger" Exhaust - great look and sound at a fantastic price!

Topspeed Corvette C5 convertible
Topspeed Corvette C5 convertible

Corvette C5 Active Handling System -- GM Promotional Video
Dave Hill of GM discusses a stability control feature that utilizes on-board sensors that measure a vehicles lateral acceleration, yaw rate, and steering wheel position. These sensors work in conjunction with the vehicle's Anti-lock braking system and Traction Control System which automatically assist a vehicle's driver in understeering and oversteering situations.

Cummins on Edge
This is my buddies 2004 Dodge Cummins All stunts were performed on a closed course and under the supervision of "professionals" ;) all audio and images belong to their respective owners! music saliva-ladies and gentleman steve earl-copperhead road. Thanks for Watchin'