c5 corvette test

This is just a little test to refresh my memory. launch-4000-4500 (bog to keep from breaking loose) shift-6000-6100-traction control OFF, comp mode bad! haha i guess it doesn't matter whatever gets the job done.

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60 minute movie that describes the design process, building process, and everything relating to the new 1997 C5 Corvette.

Topspeed Corvette C5 convertible
Topspeed Corvette C5 convertible

SpeedForSale's Automated Button Press Simulator for C5 (patent pending)
This patented device will automatically 'press' various buttons on your C5 Corvette such as the traction control on/off and DIC Reset buttons, thus saving the driver the hassle of having to press these buttons every time they start the car. It can automatically turn traction control off, clear the Driver Information Center of messages such as 'Service Vehicle Soon', 'TPMS Malfunction', 'Door Ajar', and more. Available at SpeedForSale.com

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