B18C5 EG Hatch vs. TL 6SPD J32 FBO

Some nice runs, 2nd gear pulls....mods are in the video, simple bolt ons for the most part. Both cars had passengers.

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2005 Acura TL Supercharged 65-140 pull 3.5-5psi
Stock injectors running the ACM. No tune No Meth...YET Sorry for the shifts on camera but i dont have a mount for my flip

2011 5.0 vs Acura TL
2011 stock 5.0 with 4,400 miles vs Acura TL with unknown mods. got really crazy at the end cause not only did i run a 13.2 (beat my old time that time) but i found out that i can spin in 4th with all driving aids turnd on lol

Acura TL
Acura TL

Infiniti G37s vs Acura TL Type S
20 roll and 40 roll in Mexico. Infiniti G37s vs Acura TL Type S roll Racing. G37 sedan is stock af, acura has coilovers, advan wheels, and more. both cars are six speed manual transmissions