Alan Szabo Jr. ALIGN Trex 600E Prototype Flybarless 4/1/2011 New Prototype Trex 600E Flybarless with the new ALIGN 3GX Flybarless syestem!!!!

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Alan Szabo Jr. ALIGN Trex 800E DFC 850MX Dominator 2/5/2014 Out doing a flight with my 800E DFC at the field. Using the new Thunder Power 70C 6000mah packs.

T-REX 600EFL PRO 3GX - Step by Step
Montagem do T-REX 600EFL PRO

T-REX600E PRO 2200rpm testing

Alan Szabo test Pilot for Alfie's MD 500D !!
I shot this video of Alan Szabo testing the micro scale MD 500D that I mounted for Alfie Ibañes ( Illinois-USA). This happen during the 7º Edition HELIASAS in Gaspar-Brasil. Alan is really a nice guy !.