Joe Paine mechanical bureau

This is a laptop bureau is inspired by laid bare old world mechanical technology reminiscent of late 19th and early 20th Century farm machinery often found rusting in the veld on a typical Highveld farm. The bureau is designed to open and close using a system of gears, cranks and rack and pinions. As one turns the handle the top lifts up and a rack and pinion pushes the timber worktop out towards you, giving you extra work space. The purpose of the bureau is to give the user a designated place to work on a laptop. When the user is done working, the lid closes and protects/hides the laptop.

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The First Hybrid Mechanical Smartwatch | KAIROS Baselworld 2015
BASELWORLD 2015 / Kairos (καιρός) is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (the supreme moment) Kairos Watches is the world’s first and only mechanical smart watch hybrid. It combines the centuries old traditional watch making heritage with the latest in 21st century wearable technology. Each product from Kairos consists of a fully automatic movement (Miyota 82S7 Japanese Movement for MSW115 and Soprod A10BV-2 Swiss Movement for SSW158) which is infused with a revolutionary new display called TOLED (Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode) display. It is powered by an 180mAh battery which also powers the on board control unit with Bluetooth that communicates with a companion device (smart phone / tablet). The operating system includes a choice of Kairos OS – which provides the most essential features and functions while conserving battery (5-7 days), or Android Wear OS which provides more app-related functions but with less battery power (2 days). The mechanical movements are rated 42 Hour Power Reserve for both models. The watch itself is rated 3ATM for water resistance. Branded as the world’s first mechanical-smartwatch hybrid, the Kairos is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in timepieces. Featuring, self-winding watch movements and a transparent OLED display, the watch blends both tech and fashion… Kairos watches are half mechanical timepiece, half OLED smartwatch Watches expresses who you are. Kairos T-band allows you to wear your favourite wristwatch while enjoying all the benefits a smartwatch can bring. "Watches are more than just an accessory that tells time. It’s a personal story. It’s your own brand identity.What color, style, and brand you wear tells a story about who you are." It holds sentimental value. Memories are infused to it. It’s an asset – something you hold onto and possibly pass on. This is why Kairos T-band was created. Enjoy all the benefits a smartwatch can provide without sacrificing what you love.

Beehive lift - Unboxing video

Iris Box: 3D Printing Animation (720HD)
Requiring only a few screws to work, this amazing 3D printed Iris Box by Matt is both unique and functional for stashing your loot! Get 3D printer STL and COLLADA project 3D printer files and models at

Clearbrook Implement: Built for Life
American built implements for farm, landscape & trail maintentance. Designed for use behind ATV's, riding lawn mowers and other small equipment, our implements extend the utility of small equipment.