Joe Paine mechanical bureau

This is a laptop bureau is inspired by laid bare old world mechanical technology reminiscent of late 19th and early 20th Century farm machinery often found rusting in the veld on a typical Highveld farm. The bureau is designed to open and close using a system of gears, cranks and rack and pinions. As one turns the handle the top lifts up and a rack and pinion pushes the timber worktop out towards you, giving you extra work space. The purpose of the bureau is to give the user a designated place to work on a laptop. When the user is done working, the lid closes and protects/hides the laptop.

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Pickup Mounted Cattle Catching Squeeze Chute
For a FREE issue of FARM SHOW Magazine, visit Facebook: Twitter: "I built it for my own use. I needed a convenient way to work cattle on the range by myself since help is hard to fmd and expensive," says Warren Halyung, a Canadian rancher who drew big crowds at the Farm Progress Show in Regina, Saskatchewan, recently when he exhibited his new cattle-catching squeeze chute for the first time. His mobile chute mounts on the front right side of a pickup and lets you chase cattle in the field and catch them in a hydraulically-operated headlock. Then you can pull over to do whatever work is necessary before moving on to the next animal. "Takes just seconds to catch even the wildest animal and once you've got it, works as well as any commercial squeeze chute," says Halyung. The cattle catcher bolts to the bumper and the pickup box. Once mounted (takes 20 min. to mount and dismount) it can be left in place since it folds up against the cab for transport (sticks out just 4 in. from the side mirror of pickup) and folds out quickly to working position. Whether in working position or folded up, the chute doesn't interfere with the passenger side door. You can get in and out of it normally. The chute is open at the front. To catch an animal, you drive up behind them. Once the chute surrounds the animal, you activate the hydraulic headgate lock - powered by a single small hydraulic cylinder. "It takes me as little as 12 sec. to catch a cow on the run. Lets one person work cattle, saving on the need for expensive hired help. It's great during calving" says Halyung, who just built the unit last spring and is looking for a manufacturer.

The Mechanical Engineering Project
One of the many chalanges of today society is maintaing our life style with minimum repercussion to the environment. today 's world of increasing population and due to the same had become a great problem. Also the need for alternative fuel are increase due to things that petroleum and diesel are going to vanish next 30 years or so long with increasing prices of feul. SO this CAV (compressed air vehicle) can become a part of environmental arsenal. Major advantage of this is that this vehicle is eco-friendly (pollution free at its tail pipe) This one is a air car model made by me with my group in BIS Collage of engg. and tecnology in MOGA for the final year project work............and msg to the automobile industries.

Shoji english
This is the documentation of my one year project building a shoji (japanese sliding door). Questions and critics apreciated. Es ist auch eine deutsche Version verfügbar unter / German version available on

How to make gears How to make gears, such as the ones I used for my screw advance box joint jig or my wooden router lift.