pissed off 8v53

8v 53 natural before we put the turbos on it

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8V53T Detroit Diesel first start
Detroit Diesel 8V53T, (turbo just removed for test run) this is literally the first starting attempt after bringing it home, it had sat for years. Not so many 8V53 Detroits were made, and very few turbocharged ones, This is one of about four I know of.

16V149T Detroit Diesel Dyno Test
16V149T Industrial Engine rated 1300HP @ 1800 rpm. The engine produced a max of 1326 HP @ 1800 rpm w/ 3858 ft. lbs. of Torque. S/N 16E7761.

4-53 Detroit Diesel in a '89 Chevrolet C1500
Sounds GREAT! Owner installed a two stroke 4-53 (four cylinders, 53 CID per cylinder) Detroit Diesel into their '89 Chevrolet half ton truck. Saw this at Carcraft summer nationals 2010.

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