Vintage Racers

Antique replica race cars gather on the beach to salute NASCAR pioneers like Marshall Teague and Fireball Roberts

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Cobwebs- A salute to the Tri-Five stocker
Joni Brown performs the song "Cobwebs" .Call 'em what you will, we all like 'em. From everywhere.

Wendell Scott
One of Danvilles most famous native sons has a face that is recognizable not only among scholars of black history, but also among longtime NASCAR fans. Thats because Wendell Scott is known as the man who broke the color barrier in stock car racing - and he did so in 1963 when he became the first (and still the only) black driver to win a race in what is now the Sprint Cup Series. Narrated by his son Franklin Scott, who serves as principal at a North Carolina middle school, this story looks at the highlights of Wendell Scotts racing career. Facing racial prejudice among not only some of the NASCAR fans, but also fellow drivers and NASCAR officials, Scott eventually won most of his critics over with his mild manners, his eagerness to help others, and his leave-em-in-the-dust racing skills.

Project Fireball 0001
a 3-minute synopsis of the construction and execution of my Fireball Roberts Tribute Galaxie, called "Project Fireball". Music: "Big" by Diamond Rio. (May need to be viewed in High Quality.)

Largest Crash In Nascar History *color*
*Cap by WildTurnip* That same crash that's been circulating for the past few years, but now in color and extended. ENJOY!