Vintage Racers

Antique replica race cars gather on the beach to salute NASCAR pioneers like Marshall Teague and Fireball Roberts

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Cobwebs- A salute to the Tri-Five stocker
Joni Brown performs the song "Cobwebs" .Call 'em what you will, we all like 'em. From everywhere.

Wicked Good Vintage Racing Association
There wasn't a huge turn out of cars this year, but last year a lot of the early class showed up at the show and it was amazing to see the old time racers. I just love this stuff...

Project Fireball 0001
a 3-minute synopsis of the construction and execution of my Fireball Roberts Tribute Galaxie, called "Project Fireball". Music: "Big" by Diamond Rio. (May need to be viewed in High Quality.)

Vintage race cars
Slideshow of vintage racing cars.