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Dyno run VW Corrado Race by mtoengineering


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VW Corrado @ NJMP Lightning Circuit
Our Blog: www.4amracing.com A few laps around NJMP in our track VW Corrado VR6

This is just a collection of stuff i have on my track Corrado.

Golf Mk1 Turbo 4motion
Golf Mk1 turbo 4motion

Corrado VR6 Turbo
200 m. sprint at Club GOLF Danmark Summer Meet, June 2011 , wheel spin and flaming Exhaust. Super sound! Club Golf Danmark træf 2011 Ellested.

1993 VW Corrado VRT - Dyno Run
Dreamstate bring his turbocharged VR6 for some baseline runs.

VW Corrado G60 Supercharged Volkswagen Karmann Golf Rallye Car Manual Hatchback Tuner G 60
VW Corrado G60 Supercharged Volkswagen Karmann Drift Car Manual Hatchback Tuner G 60 http://www.1ownercarguy.com Here is a very nice VW Corrado G60 that has the supercharged engine and 5-Speed Manual Transmission. This car is fast and a blast to drive. This car is a 1 Owner and is completely factory so you know no one has been messing around with it. The exterior is in excellent shape. The paint looks great and except for a few minor chips here and there there is not much to say bad about it. The interior is very clean and shows hardly any wear at all. You can really tell how good the car was taken care of by the condition of the interior. This is a great car that is a blast to drive and gets great gas mileage. Here is the Soda Steam link Free Shipping and $10 off http://www.stockgambles.com/stock-gambles-blog.html Make sure and check Out My channel I have Lots of 1 & 2 Owner Cars Trucks and SUV's on there and I sell them Cheap Also If You Subscribe You won't Miss out..;-) I Have a few Channels You can Access them Via My Main Channel page or also you can See the Links I post Below I will Also Post links to My websites and Facebook so you don't Miss any of the action Sign Up Everywhere!!..;-) Cheers Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy 406-544-6919 Make sure and visit Some of My Websites Below I do All Sorts of Unique Things..;-) http://www.1ownercarguy.com http://www.cerealmarshmallows.com http://www.Beaglespocket.com http://www.ClickWebs.com http://www.Hardener.com http://www.missoulaautoauction.com http://www.vita-depot.com http://www.Nathanwratislaw.com Also Make Sure And ADD Me or Subscribe on Facebook & Youtube http://www.facebook.com/cerealmarshmallows And For Youtube i have 2 channels you may want to add http://www.youtube.com/user/cerealmarshmallows http://www.youtube.com/user/1ownercarguy http://www.youtube.com/user/stockgambles http://www.youtube.com/user/montanamuscle Send Me Hate Mail or Goodies & Stuff to show on Youtube 1 Owner Car Guy (Nathan Wratislaw) PO Box 2505 Lakeside, Ca 92040 No Ticking items please..;-) From Wikipedia: The Volkswagen Corrado is a sports car developed by German automaker Volkswagen, designed by Herbert Schaefer [1] and built by Karmann in Osnabrück, Germany, between 1 September 1988 and 31 July 1995. In 1990, the Corrado went on sale in the United States. Originally conceived as a possible successor to the Porsche 944, the Corrado is a three-door hatchback coupé with a 2+2 seating layout. The car's floorpan is based on the A2 platform (i.e. MK2 Golf/Jetta) and, with the exception of VR6 models, all versions use the subframes, suspension, steering and braking components from the A2 model range. The VR6 uses suspension components from the A3 model range, including the rear axle assembly and some parts of the A3's 'plus' type front axle assembly. The subsequent wider front wheel-track of the Corrado VR6 necessitated the fitting of new front wings with wider wheel arches and liners along with a new front bumper assembly. Together with a new raised-style bonnet to accommodate the VR6 engine, these body improvements were carried across the model range. Launched in late 1988, (three years before the end of Scirocco production) All Corrados were front-wheel drive and featured petrol engines. It debuted with two engine choices: a 1.8 litre, 16-valve, inline-four with 136 bhp (101 kW; 138 PS),[5] and a supercharged 1.8 litre, eight-valve inline-four, marketed as the G60, and delivering 160 bhp (120 kW; 160 PS). The G60 is named for the G-Lader with which it is equipped, a scroll Supercharger whose interior resembles the letter "G". G60 refers to an inline-four cylinder automobile petrol engine, which uses a specific method of forced induction - by way of a specific type of Supercharger. The G60 engine was formerly manufactured by the German carmaker Volkswagen Group, and was installed in a limited number and range of 'hot hatch' cars from their Volkswagen Passenger Cars marque from August 1988 to July 1993.[1] "Volkswagen Corrado G60" G60 "Volkswagen Carrado" Karmann "VW Corrado" Tuning Tuner Corrado Supercharged Supercharger Video Review Performance Drift1.8L Engine Motor "5-Speed Manual" Hatchback "Karmann Ghia" Golf Jetta "Nathan Wratislaw" "1 Owner Car Guy" Volkswagen Manual "Used Volkswagen" Buy Sell "For Sale" "Volkswagen Corrado For Sale" Youtube Videos "Used Car Review" "Test Drive" "Start Up" Options "Used Cars For Sale"

dyno run by MTO Engineering MP93 le mans race car
test run by www mtoengineering com programming BOSCH Motorsport ECU

VW Corrado tuningspoiler

Vw Corrado rally crash!!
Vw Corrado rally

VW Corrado 16V - Manfred Konrad - European Hill Race Eschdorf 2012
VW Corrado 16V - Manfred Konrad - European Hill Race Eschdorf 2012

Schnellster VW Corrado der Welt
Der schnellste VW Corrado der Welt mit dem AK Racing FWD Corrado. 16V turbo Corrado. Here you can watch our NEW Fastest VW in the World Series. THIS IS NOT the fastest Volkswagen, but it is part of our fast VW series! Watch our playlist! This is one of the fastest VW Corrado ever made. It is a FWD Car and uses a special built 1.8l 16V Engine. http://www.dragracelist.de - see all german drag racing cars Mehr Informationen zu dem Fahrzeug, dem turbo Corrado findet Ihr hier: http://www.akracing.de/24.html - und Hier sind noch die Daten des Fahrzeuges: 16V turbo mit 1850ccm Hubraum - Drehzahl ca. 10.000 u/min - Garrett GTX42/94R oder GTX42/02R turbolader - 2x Tial MVR Wastegate - 2x Tial Q Blow Off - Wassergekühlter LLK mit ca. 35L Kühlwassertank - Edelstahl Twin Scroll Abgaskrümmer - Ansaugbrücke mit 2x Einspritzleiste - 4x Bosch 1000ccm und 4x 1700ccm Einspritzventile - Aeromotive Eliminator Spritpumpe und Spritdruckregler - 1Z Diesel Motorblock - 82,5mm CP Pistons Sonderanfertigung, mit Inconel Kolbenringen - 21/159mm Pauter Pleuel - 86,4mm 4340 Billet Kurbelwelle - Stahl Schwungscheibe ( 9x an der KW Verschraubt) - Sachs RCS zwei Scheiben Sintermetall-Kupplung - KR Zyl.Kopf komplett bearbeitet - JE 32,5mm Einlass- und 28,5mm Auslassventilen - Billet Nockenwellen, Hohlgebohrt - Schrick Ventilfedern, Tassenstösseln, Titanfederteller und Ventilkeile - Raceware Zyl.Kopf Stehbolzen - Special Motorblockversteifung mit ARP Stehbolzen - Billet Hauptlagerböcke - Umbau auf Trockensumpfölpumpe mit 6L Öltank - EWP Elektrische Wasserpumpe mit Kontrollbox - Spal 2900 m³/h Kühlerventilator - KMS Motorsteuergerät Getriebe:------------------------------------------------------ ---------- - Sequentielles Dog Ring Getriebe Bremsanlage:----------------------------------------------------- --- -- - Wilwood Bremse vorn und hinten - Tilton Waagebalken Bremseinheit - Hydraulische Handbremse / Fly Off Hebel - Simpson Bremsschirm Fahrwerk:---------------------------------------------------------- ---- - Verstellbare 4 link Radaufhängung auf der VA - Wilbers Federbeine, zug, druck und härte verstellbar - Elektrische Servolenkung - Wheelie Bars Sonstiges:---------------------------------- ---------------------- ---- - Komplette Datenaufzeichnung von Innovate - Zwei getrennte Feuerlöschanlagen für Motor und Innenraum - Sparco Schalensitz mit 6 pukt WILLANS Gurt - STACK Display - Funkanlage www.raceandfuntv.de - Enjoy the world of Fun and Racing Send us your Video and we will support you, if we like your video! video@raceandfuntv.de or via PM on Youtube, Facebook or Twitter Race & Fun TV support other Youtubers who create good stuff, show them the whole world and link to the originals. Race & Fun TV - the world of fun and racing all around the world

Volkswagen Corrado 4WD - 10.99 at Santa Pod
This was taken at a Redline Magazine test day in April 2007. Mark finally broke into the 10s after a fantastic run of 10.99 @ 126mph. This is a fully road legal Corrado four wheel drive conversion. It looks standard with full trim and interior. Simply drive to the track, run a 10 second pass and drive home! More recently Mark has achieved a 10.84 @ 127mph. For more info on this car see http://www.torquestats.com/MGunns

Rotenburg Race Days 2011 Corrado Monster VR6 Turbo Kompressor 16V Killerberlin

Syncro corrado donut
quick video of my corrado syncro in the snow

Dyno run Bentley Continentel GT Speed by mtoengineering

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1993 Volkswagen Corrado V8: 9.214 @ 145.610
Spencer Tramm, Engine: 468ci Chevrolet,

1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC: 11.394 @ 128.590
Zachary Martin, Engine: VR6 - stock blcok, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: PT5862 Tires: 24.5

1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60: 12.260 @ 118.810
Don Fritsche, Engine: 2.ol ABA 16v, Turbos: GT3076R Tires: 24.5 slicks

1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC VR6: 14.301 @ 98.060
Joey Langlois, Engine: 2.8L VR6 w/ 10.5:1 compression, Supercharger: - Turbos: - Tires: Khumo Ecsta ASX

1993 Volkswagen Corrado slc: 15.342 @ 92.060
neil bell, Engine: 2.8l vr6, Tires: toyo proxes 4

1992 Volkswagen Corrado SLC VR6 Ecu Tune: 15.574 @ 91.340


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