Drifting -- AMG Driving Academy Performance Series Episode 7

In the 7th video of the AMG Driving Academy Performance Series, professional drivers and AMG Driving Academy hosts and instructors Tommy Kendall and Nick Kunewalder demonstrate why drifting is "the ballet of power-sliding." Drifting is the deft application of throttle as your vehicle's tires lose traction, which can make for sideways trips around around the twisties.

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Lead Follow -- AMG Driving Academy Performance Series Episode 8
In the 8th video from the AMG Driving Academy Performance Series, professional driver and AMG Driving Academy host and instructor Tommy Kendall goes through a "lead follow" exercise, following a student through a course and making real-time critiques on his performance. See what some of the common mistakes are, and what balanced, alert driving looks like.

AMG Driving Academy Day 1 in Laguna Seca
Mercedes-Benz Reporter Matthew K. has traveled to California to improve his driving skills in a very special trainings camp: the AMG Driving Academy in Laguna Seca, California. So join him for the first day of his training! For more go to http://reporter.mercedes-benz.com

AMG Driving Academy - ADVANCED Training
As your aspirations steadily grow, the AMG ADVANCED-Training works as the perfect platform to further strengthen your fundamental skills while deepening your knowledge about efficient driving dynamics. It doesn't matter if this means optimizing your own cornering technique, striving after the racing line during Lead & Follow rides or evaluating your individual performance during video analysis and data recording -- the AMG Driving Academy brings out the best in you and tops it off with a fantastic ride in the official AMG Race Taxi. http://www.mercedesclass.net/amg/amg-driving-academy/amg-driving-academy-gr ows-strength-strength/

Mercedes A 45 AMG vs. BMW M135i xDrive
http://www.facebook.com/autobild http://www.google.com/+AUTOBILD http://www.twitter.com/autobildonline Die A-Klasse - hochbeiniges Opa-Auto - spielt neuerdings als Mercedes A 45 AMG den Pistenschreck. Diese Rolle übernimmt sonst auch gern der M135i xDrive von BMW. Grund genug, die beiden zusammen auf den Rundkurs zu schicken.