iRacing - Skip Barber Formula 2000 at Spa Franchorchamps - 20 minutes of battle

Awesome race with almost non-stop battle (cutted 2 laps in the middle) for the second place.

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iRacing - Skip Barber @ Silverstone International - 2017 Season 2 - Week 6 - Race 1
This will be the first time I've run Silverstone in iRacing, first time I've ever run this layout too. The only time I've run Silverstone has been in Assetto Corsa, in the MX5, pretty sure that won't have been any help at all. Please feel free to throw any advice or feedback you have at me. I'm always looking to improve my racing, commenting, and videos. Twitch: Skippy Racing Group: Track Guide/Walkthrough: For track walkthroughs check out: where you can find videos, ghost laps, and replays to help learn the track. This awesome website is my starting point each week for learning the track. Overlays: Overlays are a plugin for OBS, specifically the stream overlay plugin found here: I can't see this while I'm driving unless I expand the stream preview window which isn't really helpful. However these overlays aren't for me, they are for yall. Video Editing: I use blender for my video editing needs. Wheel and Pedals: My steering wheel is a PS3 era super cheap wheel and pedals. It doesn't have a clutch nor Force Feed Back. It's better than the Xbox controller I started with though.

CRASH Skip Barber Sebring Formula Race 2
Edit: This video has become (BY FAR) my most popular video. with well over 7 thousand views! Thank you all very much! I would strongly recommend you to check out some of my more recent, and definitely less embarrassing videos! ___________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ After an okay qualifying, 6th out of 13th, I got a good start and stayed with the top four before my engine refused to deliver power out of the final corner (Flat out by under the first bridge, but no power until the second bridge). Decided to let 5 cars by before it started working fine. Tried to fight back, misjudged the space a little, and broke my own suspension off of someone's right rear tire. Completely my fault, Lack of experience. About Me: Jackie Ding - 17 yrs.old Chinese race car driver, high school student in USA, proud owner of an AE86, 2015 Formula Lites #86 Driver for Group-A Racing! Web: Faceook: Twitter: Instagram:

Skip Barber Race - Lime Rock Park
After starting 15th due to a penalty in the previous race I worked my way up to 2nd position before half distance. I set the track record in qualifying and ran within a couple tenths of that time in the race, setting fastest lap. Website: Facebook: Twitter:

2013 Skip Barber Race Series Championship Shootout - Road Atlanta
Finished 1st but with a 20 sec penalty. The start of the race was full of mistakes and bad moves. Missed my braking point for turn 10 , 3 times. 2 of those times I caused contact (no damage) and was given the penalty for that. Sorry everyone for the recklessness and contact... it is my first year of racing and I am slowly learning how to battle up front. edit: the turn 10 move to the left was a mistake. I braked too late and had to escape either to the right or left, I tried my luck on the left since going right would result in a huge off.