Ma5da MX5 UK Championship 2010 - Silverstone Circuit - Race 1 (wet) Fahad Hizam, Car# 43 of Meezer Racing in the 2010 Ma5da MX5 UK Championship. Started 38th of 48, finished 34th in the first race of the seventh weekend of the Ma5da Championship. I was on dry tires. Then the car wouldn't steer well after the impact at 5:35. Racing Career TV programs can be watched at Ma5da website or Car is 1990 Mazda MX-5 1.6L, Ma5da MK1 Spec. Video and Data by Race Technology UK Intro image by Jonathan Elsey

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5 Club Racing MX5 Cup - Round 1 Donington Park Race 1
Action from Race 1 at Donington Park via On Board Cameras. This is just a demonstration of what could be done when we have a lot more cameras. Unfortunately not all the data copied across so apologies for those who weren't shown! However, I think you'll agree there was some fantastic racing!

Corvette vs. MX5 Turbo @ Nurburgring. 8m05s BTG laptime
Read more about my blue MX5 here: Rather than just blitz the 'Ring in 7mSomehing, KarlH followed my little Mazda around for a lap on the recent event. My MX5 runs a home-brew turbo with a chinacharger, HSD coil-overs and Ultra-Racing ARBs. To read more about this car and the Nurburgring, visit

Ma5da MX5 Croft Race 2 - The Crash Started 7th then crashed in the middle of the race. First accident this season. Many first's this weekend. :D The team managed to get the car ready within an hour for the 3rd race. Still, the front end was very messed up and I had to race without the anti-roll bar, which made an interesting 3rd race. check my race career at

Nordschleife BTG 08:09.80 Mazda MX-5 NC
This is lap 75 in my 160bhp Mazda MX-5 NC 2,0 Sport. Modifications are: - Full Exhaust and a CAI - 200/615 K90 16 tyres - Coilovers with 10/7 Springs - Mazda RX-8 ARB f/r - Uprated Brake Pads and fluid