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Un-Lowering my Gixxer

This is not really a FAIL. Had I had the right links I would have been able to hide a little more height back to my bike, but oh well. I'll just keep it the height its been for the past year and a half lol. OR i'll see if someone shorter than me wants to trade for these links (and kickstand).


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Want to ride but think your too short? (short riders)
This video is for people who are looking into bikes but they think they are too short to ride a bike..

Adjustable lowering kit install
Road star warrior

stretched and lowered gsxr 750
stretched 10 inches lowered at least 2 inches(not certain yet)... smoked integrated tail light... smoked hotbodies mirror block off turn signals.

Gixxer Mom
Kelly learning how to ride a 600

Quick Way To Make Your GSXR FASTER than other !!! (tuning dragbike step by step)
1.Extended swingarm 2. Lowering links 3.Akrapovic Evolution Full Exhaust 4.Power Commander 3 PCIII USB 5.Dynojet Quickshifter 6. Dynorun Dyno 5. Shinko Ultra Soft

GSXR 1000 KILLS Ferrari
GSXR 1000 KILLS Ferrari

Full of fail
The progression of failure. Song - Everything is ending - by Chameleon Circuit

Swingarm extension blocks from Spencercycle.com
I received my extensions from Spencercycle.com to give my, already 12yr old+, R1 a slight makeover. I'm also gonna lower it a couple of inches too with a lowering link. I was debating on whether or not to get a newer R1 but, this bike looks really good for her age so, y not save the money.

09 White GSXR600, Stretched and Lowered
Walk around of my white suzuki gsxr 600.. Has a Jardine GP1 Slip on (Cheap i know..), Roaring Toyz Extension,Roaring Toyz Lowering link, Roaring Toyz Lowered kickstand, Yoshi fender eliminator.. Pretty much about it.. HID's and full yoshi system to come soon.. Probably gonna get ragged for revving the motor while it was cold..

Setting suspension sag
Robert Taylor, Öhlins suspension guru from our sister company Crown Kiwi Technical shows us how to set suspension sag on track day and road bikes. Bike shown is the 2011 NZ Superstock Championship winning Yamaha R6 of Midge Smart. Video courtesy of the team at Bike Rider TV.

Gsxr 600 Problems lol
FIXED it was the Regulator/Rectifier was only $120 new battery was not the Problem. Now its probably the Regulator/Rectifier every time we try to make a new video something breaks lol gsxr 600 k6

The CORRECT way to lower your motorcycle with Progressive Suspension.mp4
If you want to lower your bike this video gets the information from the source direct, Progressive suspension fills us in on how to lower your bike the correct way.

How-to Install a front sprocket on a Kawasaki ZX-14 by CheapCycleParts.com
Want a "faster" bike without spending a ton of money? Hands down, the easiest and most cost-efficient way to a quicker accelerating motorcycle is to adjust your final drive gearing. By adding a smaller front sprocket or a larger rear sprocket to your bike's final drive ratio, you can essentially "tune" the bike's power band to be more accessible at lower RPM levels. Sure, you're giving up some top speed, but how often do you really hit the rev limiter in top gear? Take, for example, our test mule: the mighty Kawasaki ZX-14R. With a top speed easily north of 180mph, it's safe to say riders of this beast can't legally access its upper limits on any public road in the good ol' U.S. of A. So why not add a little more grunt to the biggest Ninja's already prodigious bottom end? Why not, indeed. For this How-To installment, we'll be dropping a one-tooth smaller JT front sprocket onto the 14's final drive. To get started, we'll remove the lower fairing to gain access to the sprocket cover and other bits packed around it. Next up, we'll move to the side the clutch slave cylinder (careful moving this to avoid any kinks in your cables), the Nina's speed sensor and the primary sprocket cover. Once the workspace is opened up, mounting the new sprocket was a simple affair. First, you'll remove the sprocket nut and lock washer (be sure to get a have a new replacement washer ready for remounting, as these washers need to be bent upon mounting). Once the nut and washer up are removed, loosen the rear axle nut so you can move wheel forward, loosening the chain enough to move it off of the sprockets. With the chain tension removed, simply remove the chain fully from the front sprocket and ease the sprocket off of its shaft. Installation of the new sprocket is equally simple. Just follow everything up this point in reverse. Mount up the new sprocket on the drive shaft (make sure to mount the sprocket numbers-side out), remount your chain to both front and rear sprockets, then get some tension back on the chain by backing out the rear wheel chain blocks. Before tightening the rear axle nut back down, be sure to line up the swingarm wheel marks to ensure proper rear wheel alignment. Tighten up both front and rear sprockets to spec, and bend the front locking washer to hold the sprocket in place. Finish things up by remounting the sprocket cover, speed sensor, clutch slave cylinder and lower fairing. All done! Once mounted, we were curious about the Ninja's newly altered power curve. TO see how much effect the smaller front sprocket had made, we headed down to the CCPowerSports Louisville location for a quick spin on the Dyno. Much to the delight of our power-addled brains, we found a jump of 5-15 usable horsepower between 40-100mph. The trade-off? A loss of around 10mph on the top end. A fair trade, we thinks. Wanna try new gearing for your bike or race quad? Check out CheapCycleParts.com for a full selection of sprockets, chains and more.

Gsxr 1000 lowering links - garbage
Garbage. I'm lucky to be alive

Motorcycle Suspension - Setting Sag
Dave Moss sets the sag on a 2009 Yamaha YZF-R6. Setting sag properly puts the suspension into it's optimal working range, based on a riders weight.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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