f22a6 130 mph 4th gear pull

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Stock F22a6 Cb7 0-80 mph
0-80 mph

Vacuum lines for H23 intake manifold on F22A6.
trying to help a friend out that doesn't know how to hook up his vacuum lines.

1995 Honda Accord F22/H22 (Frankenstein/G22) Turbo Dyno
1995 Honda Accord: F22b2 bottom end with Bisimoto rods and pistons Stock JDM H22A head. Garrett Gt3076R turbo. Lots of other little goodies to support it. This is the same motor from my flooded 1997 Accord but with Bisimoto bottom end, obd2 to obd1, and new tune on Hondata 300. 331whp 338tq on low Boost (10 lbs) due to pos "stage 4" ACT clutch not holding the torque.

Turbo Accord V6 Startup
(Car is for Sale $6500) This video is for the people that dont belive I have a turbo in my v6 accord.