f22a6 130 mph 4th gear pull

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Stock F22a6 Cb7 0-80 mph
0-80 mph

1990 accord f22a6 (non vtec)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Muffler-less 1992 Accord EX
The muffler of my 1992 Honda Accord fell off the other day. So, I made a short video of some clips while driving around with no muffler. The're no fart can here folks, just a stock Exhaust without a muffler on the end. PS - This car is pretty much stock, including the original F22A6 2.2L I4 engine (non-vtec). Enjoy!

93 accord vs 96 mustang gt (in car)
race 3 once again the video speaks for itself! cant blame him for trying!!