GruppeM Honda Accord CL7

Stock Sound & GruppeM inside

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EuroR with HKS & GruppeM
Sound clip

Mugen Intake Installation on Honda Accord Euro CL9
Mugen Performance Intake Installation on a Honda Accord Euro CL9 Soundtrack: Take This Out - Composed by KT vs. Max Cyb 
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Honda Civic TypeR (FN2) GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEM & Mugen Exhaust System
Honda Civic TypeR (FN2) GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEM & Mugen Exhaust System ホンダ・シビックタイプRユーロにGruppeMのRAM AIR SYSTEMを装着 マフラーは無限エキゾーストシステム

HDay (Honda Day) E-Town NJ 2015 The Cars, the People, the Fun and a few Surprises
HDay 2015 English Town New Jersey. Follow me as I walk you around the largest Honda event in the U.S. HDay formally known as Honda Day. This event took place over 2 days Aug 8th and 9th 2015 in English Town New Jersey. Almost every Honda model is shown here including modified Accord, Civic, Pilot, Odyssey, CRV, CRZ and more. Thank You again to the staff at HDay, K-Tuned, Eat Sleep Race, Down Star & BWR along with the other vendors for your continued support and love for the scene. A Huge Thank You to all the Honda fans who came out and said "Hi" I was worth the 29 hour drive just to meet you all! More info about HDay More photos and videos #HdayEtown2015 #RoadToHDay and #Hday2015