GoPro Front Wheel Cam - Yamaha XJ 600n

A quick spin round the block with my gopro camera mounted to the engine casing of my Yamaha XJ 600n, with the suction cup mounting, this shows the front wheel in the shot, I think it's a really good perspective

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Yamaha XJ 600 July 2014
Me on my Yamaha XJ 600n cruising the back lanes of Essex, this time I was around the Southminster area....... testing out the "chesty" mount and a rear facing low level mount

Yamaha XJ 600S & Honda VFR 750F
Krótki rajd po Mazowszu. 260 km. Trasa: Marki, Okuniew, Stanisławów, Liw, Węgrów, Mokobody, Siedlce, Skórzec, Wodynie, Jeruzal (filmowe Wilkowyje ze słynną ławeczką i Mamrotem), Latowicz, Siennica, Kołbiel i Marki. Malownicze tereny z mnóstwem zakrętów. Yamaha XJ 600S Diversion - Mirek i Lidka. Honda VFR 750 - Paweł. Kamera JVC Everio GZ-HM400

Yamaha XJ600N Diversion - Review (2003)
Alex Hearn, Bertie Simmonds, Kevin Ash, and Louise Brady, give us a fantastic insight into the Yamaha XJ600N Diversion, looking at several elements that are important to consider before buying one- street cred, build quality, performance, comfort, and value.

Yamaha Xj 600 Diversion
Una ruta costera, que recomiendo a todo el mudo que viva por esta zona, o que venga a visitarla, que la haga. =) Ver Ruta en; Sueca-Cullera-Marenyets-Palmeres-Perello-Perellonet-El palmar-Sueca Grabación hecha con un Gopro Silver Edition Música libre extraída de