598 BBC on the Dyno

This motor was built by Bill Thatcher for my Super Gas 1966 Nova.

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testing new 598
at Tulsa testing

598 Big Block Chevy 750hp
Family owned and operated for over 40 years with over 75,000 satisfied customers. Rated #1 Click on blue link http://www.enginefactory.com/letters.htm This is a 598ci BBC. It has 750hp. Runs on Pump Gas. This is one mean machine. All engines are live ran and are Ready to Run out of the Crate. Produced by enginefactory.com

632 Dyno test with Hilborn 3 inch EFI Injection
632 Chevy specs include Crower crank and stroker rods with CP pistons. BMF 350cc heads and T&D rockers. A Bullet mechanical roller with 272/284 degrees of duration at .050. With only 11 to 1 compression and for the this test 31 degrees of timing. Only pump gas was used. The main feature of this engine is the Hilborn 3 inch EFI Injector. Using their Carabine controller, which was almost dead on with the factory tune-up (thank you Stuart Hilborn) only 3 pulls were performed. End results: 951hp at 6300rpm and a staggering 914 ft/lbs of torque at 4900rpm

1981 CHEVROLET MALIBU 598 BBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!