GT-R vs. Escalade? - Autoline Daily 621

Experts are saying the adoption of EVs may be derailed by the high cost of building the infrastructure to support them. Chrysler announced an agreement with parts supplier Magneti Marelli and Shell Lubricants that will allow its dealers to service competitors' vehicles. Volkswagen is introducing a new commercial van for the UK market. All that and more, plus guest host Christie Schweinsberg fills us in on the 2011 Ward's Auto Interiors Conference.

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Chery Fights Mercedes, Bolt EVs Big Discounts - Autoline Daily 2072
0:29 Chery Takes on Mercedes Over EQ Name 1:03 Chevy Dealers Offering Big Discounts on Bolt 2:22 Dodge Demon Locked & Loaded 3:05 A Taste of 37 Seconds in the Autoline Garage 4:15 Barn Find: Patina in Santa Barbara 5:01 Ford Adds New Appearance Package to Edge Lineup 5:36 Land Rover Thinks Land Rover Does Land Rover Best Story Links: - Chery vs. Mercedes: - Bolt EV Discounts: counts-here-markups-there - Dodge Demon: - Ford Edge Appearance Package: ands-edge-lineup-with-stylish-new-sel-sport-appearance-p.html - Land Rover Designer Bashes Aftermarket Companies: put-third-party-tuners-out-business - To read the transcript for today's show click here: Get more video everyday at

Nissan GT-R vs. Hennesey Cadillac Escalade
Godzilla vs 6,000 lb. SUV: See what happens when a 2011 Nissan GT-R races the HPE1000 Twin turbo Cadillac Escalade. +1.979.885.1300

The Chinese are Here! - Autoline This Week 2110
Just because you don’t see any Chinese automakers in America doesn’t mean they aren’t here competing. In fact, they’re already here in a big way. Chinese auto expert Michael Dunne joins host John McElroy with panelists Michelle Krebs from Autotrader and Reuters’ Joe White to discuss where they are and where they aren’t…just yet. Get more video everyday at

When Worlds Collide: Nissan GT-R Vs Bentley Continental Supe
Rocket vs Refinement, Hooligan vs Gentleman, GT-R vs Bentley: Who will win in this all wheel drive turbo charged duel? The 621-horsepower, $273,000 Bentley Continental Supersports or the 485-horsepower, $87,000 Nissan GT-R?