How to drive a Saab two stroke, 2 stroke cross country

Tom Donney drives a two stroke Saab and explains how to use the "free wheeling" approach to help avoid melting pistons on a two stroke Saab. These engines were designed to run on 95 octane fuel or more. Today's lean ethonal or low octane regular fuels can be hard on your engine. If you travel from state to state your fuel choices vary greatly which can affect your jetting choices. (Just as altitude changes your jetting too). I have driven my 1961 Saab (and other pre-1960 Saabs) from Iowa to all points in USA. Even into Mexico (with my family of 5) and Canada. My way is just "a way", not the only way. NOTE: Non Saab people watch this and make comments like "too lean", "timing off" or "my two stroke runs all day at full throttle" All I can say is good for you and your car/motorcycle/airplane/what the hell ever. Come follow me across country in your vehicle anytime you want! :) Check out this youtube video named "black 93 2-stroke saab on Dyno" you can see this very Saab, which a few who seem to miss the point of this video and seem to think is "too lean" (850GT, 1st design triple carbs, oil Injected engine bored to 74mm) running on a Dyno and foggging for bugs. Just FYI, I also own a Mustang Chassis Dyno (have ran over 100 two stroke Dyno tests), and have a box of Saab jets that I bet cost more that the people who keep typing "it's too lean" paid for their 1st two cars! Plus I have had it and others fitted with AFR "NO...IT IS NOT TOO LEAN" :) BTW Come to Dodge and we can take it, or other cool old Saabs for a spin. Safe Saab'in, tom donney

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Vintage race car Saab Two Stroke with Crazy Swede driving.
Cars actually starts backwards so all forward gears are in reverse direction!! Only reverse goes forward. Also NDE (near death experience) in Sweden :). The names have been changed to protect the guiltily. This is how fun is made!!

Sonett Driving fun in a 1967 Vintage Saab 2 stroke, 3 cylinder engine
Sonett fun with Lectron side draft carbs on a Saab Two stroke and a 2011 new gen 9-5

Start up of SAAB tuned three cyl two stroke engine

Subaru 360 two stroke Cold Start... ridiculous unbelievably smokey !
First off, I do love Mother Earth and I love my environment. I admit, this is 2 stroke smoke pollution at it's worst. I didn't expect my little 2 stroke engine to smoke this much. I do run Redline 'smokeless' synthetic oil. Subaru 360's typically do not smoke this much, this has car sat for 6 months, and I had a low battery. Well, one thing is for sure... No misquitoes in our neighborhood for a while.