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Aixam 130km/h

130 km/h :)) Aixam Prague Team


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Renault Twizy, a funny, but useful electric car.
A quick introduction to the Twizy, a electric car by Renault. It looks funny, but it is a nice design in easiness in use and driving. Top speed 85 km/h Range 80 km (if riding properly) VERY tight turns (me happy) VERY small to park (me happy)

Diesel Aixam crossline coldstart
Aixam Crossline coldstart by -6C° no driver licence needed Kubota inline 2cyl diesel 400cc 5,4Hp@3200Rpm 14nm torque @ 2400 http://www.aixam.com/fr/voiture-sans-permis-crossline/caracteristiques-tech niques/luxe

JDM Albizia - Test Drive
Me testing a powerful microcar: JDM Albizia, 523cc, 10HP, 1-cyl. Diesel. Have fun!

„Microcar" - mopedas ar automobilis?
Ilgesnis už „Smart", bet ne automobilis. Nors turi visus mašinoms būdingus atributus -- keturis ratus, hečbeko tipo kėbulą, vairą, šildymo sistemą, garso aparatūrą, saugos diržus, saugos oro pagalvę ir net automobilio kainą, 50 tūkst. lt. -- ši prancūziška transporto priemonė yra priskiriama mopedų klasei. Daugiau: http://www.15min.lt/naujiena/gazas/naujoves/-219-147982

Aixam Tuning - Snelste brommobiel ter Wereld | Fastest AM Licence Vehicle
De snelste Aixam ter wereld met een 1200CC Hayabusa motor! Extreme tuning, drift, donuts, drag, wheelspin, racing. Fastest Aixam on earth with 1200 CC Hayabusa racebike engine! Le plus rapide voiture sans permis sur terre!

Aixam 500-4 8valve 50-80kmh
How did we do this!? AIXAM going +80km/h! (+50mph)

aixam 400 tuning
part 3 des mes video

Aixam 400

Enquête & Révélation - Aixam
Voitures sans permis Aixam

Aixam 400D 95km/h ve 2 lidech!! (persons)
Tvoja špinavá Mamka nemá na to jet 95 km/h. Czech Republic. Umělec: Rytmus, Šalalaj Vydavatel: EMI/Virgin

Aixam Tuning by Stef Tuning

Brommobiel special
RAI Vereniging behartigt de belangen van importeurs van brommobielen in Nederland. De producenten van brommobielen besteden veel aandacht aan de veiligheid van deze volwaardige verkeersdeelnemers. Voor meer informatie: sv@raivereniging.nl

Tuning-Project Aixam 500-4
Aixam 500-4 Diesel 4,7kW max speed: 85 km/h acceleration from 0km/h to top speed: too long interiour: Sony X-Plöd CDX-GT470US Raveland XCA 1200 2x JBL GTO937 2x Renegade RX52 exteriour: mod. frontbumper front spoiler from VW Golf III VR6 Exhaustpipes Tajco tinted windows and backlights engine: slight engine tuning by moving the regulation injection pressure and optimization of the intake duct this project was finished on 23/3/2009

Ligier and Aixam tuning
kappale on pendulum fasten your seatbelts

AIXAM top speed
160 KM/H CON AL VOLANTE IL MITICO GIANBIONDO, E COPILOTA TOTUNNO. max speed velocita accellerazione massima

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