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Breasts !! err..i mean hello
craig greets his guest

News Presenter FORGETS She's Sitting At A GLASS Desk And Gives Viewers An EYEFUL On Live TV
News Presenter flashes on live TV after forgetting she's sitting at a glass desk A news presenter suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction live on TV , when she forgot she was sitting at a glass desk. Journalist Costanza Calabrese was presenting the late night bulletin on Italian TV channel TG 5 when she gave viewers a bit of an eyeful. s the 38-year-old starts talking, the camera is zoomed in on her face. But it soon begins to pan out, to show her full desk, covered in papers as she reads the bulletin.Unfortunately, what Costanza doesn't seem to realise, is that her desk - being made from glass - shows absolutely everything. Which meant that the reporter, who was sitting with her legs apart, flashed her knickers to the entire watching audience. And to make matters worse, the clip has now been uploaded to YouTube, where it has been seen by over 40,000 people.

Greatest phone a friend on who wants to be a millionaire
Laugh all you like this guy went on to win £125000.0 Top 10 Americans born in Britain Famous rapper dropped crowed surfing link: Fifa best goal of 2014 link: Do not touch this dogs paw link: Fish fans link: Longest Goal on Pes link:

BIG Mistake During Live TV Newscast
Graphics Engineer Makes BIG Mistake During Live TV Newscast.