Vintage Racing - 1950s Indy Cars startup and race

Please comment, rate, and subscribe! My Facebook Page - Blog -​m/ Chris Ashworth records a vintage racing event related to the Concours d'elegance. This features vintage Indy cars from the 1950's and 60's. There is more footage of other vintage race cars, so stay tuned!

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Vintage Roadsters at Indy 2013 - part 1

the worst indy car crash ever
at the final race of the season in 2011. indy car had the biggest field ever of 34 cars. Dan Wheldon who was running for 5 million dollars. got caught up in this horrific crash, and sadly passed away from his injuries. a fantastic season, dampened by this event. RIP Dan Wheldon

1951 Indy Racer Race Car Dayton Steel Wheel Special with Start Up on My Car Story with Lou Costabile
On "My Car Story" we're in Lake Zurich, IL on 3-18-15 at McKee Engineering Corporation. You're looking at a 1951 & 1954 Indianapolis Qualifying Indy Racer Race Car named “The Dayton Steel Wheel Special” with the car starting up. I've done a "Full Interview" on this car and you can view that if you type into "My Car Story with Lou Costabile 1951 & 1954 Indianapolis Indy Racer Race Car Dayton Full Interview", or type in this link This car is the real deal that qualified and ran on the track! We’re talking with Owner Herb Lederer who’s restoring the car back to its original glory. ENJOY!

Starting a Vintage Maserati Race Car
We walked by this car and I said "It would be so cool if they started this things up." Well 30 seconds later the driver did just that. The sounds are absolutely awesome.