1st Ride in the Magnuson Supercharged G8 GXP

This is video of my first ride in Dave's G8 GXP-R after it's Supercharger upgrade.

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Supercharged Pontiac G8 GT 0-115 mph
Just playing around in my supercharged pontiac g8 gt on the back roads. 0-115 mph with t/c on.

GXP-R in the Garage
Dave's Supercharged Pontiac G8 GXP-R starting up and revving in the garage.

G8 GXP Your Disease
Thought I would have a little fun making a short video.

G8GT Vs CamaroSS
2009 Modified G8 GT Vs 2010 Stock Camaro SS Stock Exhaust / Wheels Vector MotorSports Tune / Cam / Instake / Converter Best time that day on stock tires 12.7 (zero break torq)