RSX Type S exhaust

Ebay special catback!!

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2005 rsx-s RH reflash
Quick little pull getting on the E-way Mods HONDATA RH reflash OBX RH Megan drift spec Exhaust eBay Sri w/fujita filter Stage ll clutch Innovative MM

Integra eBay full catback exhaust sound clip
Video sound clip of my cheap eBay full cat back Exhaust system on my 1997 Acura Integra LS 4dr. Was purchased on eBay for $145 shipped. The brand is RS Type. It sounds way better in person and while driving.

RSX Type S eBay N1 catback
This is my RSX type S got this 2.5" N1 cat back Exhaust off eBay for like $150. I was surprised it sounds better than I thought it would. Stock header, kpro tuned, and cold air intake.

Worlds Fastest All Motor Acura RSX
K Phonix gave us the opportunity of filming their world record breaking all motor RSX. This is a very clean, very streetable RSX making 335whp naturally aspirated. Fastest time to date is 11.3