RSX Type S exhaust

Ebay special catback!!

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SPEC-D eBay Catback Exhaust on 2006 RSX Type-S
This is a video of my new SPEC-D eBay catback Exhaust on my 2006 RSX Type-S. First I let off at about 3000 rpm in 1st to show you the nice crackle pop sound of the backfire, then I pin it to 3rd.

ebay catback on em2 (without silencer)
sounds great too me...sounds clean and deep in person..i have an ebay header and ebay custom downpipe with cat (also great products)...piping is brand name your money and roll the smart way!

2002 Rsx Type-S Ebay 4" Catback Exhaust
Full Catback Exhaust system from Ebay. 4" tip 2.5" inlet. Payed $100 for the entire Exhaust

2002 Acura Rsx Type-S Ebay Exhaust Cruising
My 4" tip full catback Exhaust from ebay.