RSX Type S exhaust

Ebay special catback!!

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RSX Type S eBay N1 catback
This is my RSX type S got this 2.5" N1 cat back Exhaust off eBay for like $150. I was surprised it sounds better than I thought it would. Stock header, kpro tuned, and cold air intake.

Rsx type s with EBay Axel back
Listing to the sound of my Rsx type s with only a eBay intake and ebay axel back...

RSX Type-s Fujitsubo Powergetter Exhaust
Just a little Exhaust video that i put together for the Fujitsubo Powergetter catback. Mods: intake/header/Exhaust/hondata/stage 2 clutch/flywheel/type-r tranny

acura rsx exhaust clip
02 rsx base model....mods are aem intake, hks cams, and unknown brand Exhaust...the Exhaust is prolly an ebay knock-off...but i dont care cause sounds good...the owner b4 me put the Exhaust on it, but i dont think its supposed to fit a rsx cause the hangers dont fit properly on my car...i plan on gettin either an Exhaust system from hks, dc sports, or greddy..havent made up my mind yet.