RSX Type S exhaust

Ebay special catback!!

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RSX Type-s Fujitsubo Powergetter Exhaust
Just a little Exhaust video that i put together for the Fujitsubo Powergetter catback. Mods: intake/header/Exhaust/hondata/stage 2 clutch/flywheel/type-r tranny

Rsx type s with EBay Axel back
Listing to the sound of my Rsx type s with only a eBay intake and ebay axel back...

Worlds Fastest All Motor Acura RSX
K Phonix gave us the opportunity of filming their world record breaking all motor RSX. This is a very clean, very streetable RSX making 335whp naturally aspirated. Fastest time to date is 11.3

rsx option racing cat back.3gp
Outside sound shot of option racing 2.25" cat back Exhaust. Thats the New Orleans skyline reflecting off the bumper : )