About Panoz GTR1

This car was developed by Danny Panoz, son of Don Panoz, a wealthy businessman from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, who made his fortune in the pharmaceuticals business by developing the time release capsule and the transdermal patch. He founded the Panoz Automotive Development Company in 1988. The GTR-1 was developed top compete in the GT1 LeMans/Sports racing category, against the likes of the Porsche 911 GT1, McLaren F1 GTR and the Toyota GT1. It first competed at LeMans in 1997. The car modeled here raced in the 1998 LeMans race, and was not classified as a finisher. However it's sister car (No.45) finished in 7th place overall, a respectable result in what is a gruelling race. The real car is made entirely from carbon fibre composites to combine excellent strength with low weight. It has a front mounted, highly modified Ford V-8 driving the rear wheels. A number of road going versions have been built (these are also available from AUTOart in gold and purple) to satisfy GT1 regulations In my opinion, I do think the GTR-1 is one of the ugliest cars in my collection! However, it is very well made by AUTOart, with good engine and interior detail, and good quality paint. The only poor aspect is the decals, which are very fragile. The large Motorola decal on the nose came adrift while I was handling the model, but luckily did not tear, and I was able to re-set it into position with some decal softening solution. Both the front and rear bodywork sections are removable, which shows great underbody detail. The only problem is that the rear bodywork retaining screws are very awkwardly located and are difficult to undo, which puts you off taking the body work off at all. Overall a nice model of an unusual looking car.

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Panoz Esperante GTR-1 - Panoz
Dr. Don Panoz talks about the best moments from the history of the Panoz GTR1 race car #66. Learn more about Panoz sports cars - America's Most Exclusive Sports Car by visiting http://www.panoz.com. Do you love the Panoz sports cars, then follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/panozllc

Very rare Panoz Esperante GT1 & others
The only road-legal prototype in the world. Only two were ever made. The Esperante GT1 is the road legal version of the GTR-1, and was made to meet homologation requirements. Behind the GT1 you can see a GTR-1. Thanks for watching.

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Here is a little tribute to a great car maker. This video is also part of a contest, hence the credits. 4-23-09 EDIT: Wow! Over 3,000 views! Thanks everyone! 1-2-10 EDIT: 10k views?! OMGWTFBBQ

#121. Panoz Esperante GTR-1 Road Car
Самые быстрые и мощные автомобили мира. Поразительный разгон, невероятная скорость, удивительная динамика. Здесь представлены спорткары и концепт-кары от различных автомобильных концернов, тюнинг-ателье и сверх-эксклюзивных брендов. Кроме того, встречаются автомобили городского типа, демонстрирующие достаточно высокие технические характеристики. Многие спортивные экземпляры считаются самыми дорогими автомобилями мира. Каждое видео оформлено в виде краткого обзора определенной модели автомобиля, включающего ряд ярких высококачественных фотографий. Во всех моделях сосредоточены уникальные секреты дизайнерского искусства. Внешний вид каждого автомобиля удивляет и восхищает неповторимой красотой и вниманием к деталям. Интерьер поражает надежностью исполнения и совершенством всех элементов. Для каждой машины указываются основные технические характеристики: год выпуска, мощность, максимальная скорость, разгон. Большинство спортивных автомобилей имеют запредельную мощность, не сопоставимую с городскими реалиями. Многие модели по праву занимают первые строчки в рейтинге самых быстрых автомобилей мира. Каждое видео сопровождается динамичным музыкальным исполнением, характеризующим особою атмосферу и неповторимый стиль спорткара. Качество оформления, непревзойденность фотографий, уникальность музыкального сопровождения - все это позволяет считать коллекцию настоящей энциклопедией автомобилей. В этом видео представлен обзор автомобиля марки Panoz компании Panoz LLC (США).