Stop n Go Tire Plugger Instructions

The Tire Plugger brings a whole new technology to emergency tubeless tire repairs. It repairs punctures from the inside/out! The gun drives the plug into the hole and then expands under pressure to plug the puncture. The mushroom head seats on the inner wall assuring a tight fit, allowing no air to escape.

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Stop & Go Tyre Plugger Kit set

Stop and Go Pocket Tire Plugger Demo
A demonstration on how to use the Stop and Go Pocket Tire Plugger. This is for tubeless tires only.

Stop N Go Pocket Tire Plugger Demonstration
A short demonstration of the Stop N Go Tire Plugger available from

Professional Mushroom Tyre Plug Kit, PU-115992 (Tyre Seals, Serenco Nederland BV)
Mushroom style inserts are designed to "fill the injury" in passenger or truck, radial or bias-ply tyres. The Plug Kit makes repairing tyres easy and convenient. No great force is needed to insert the plug into the injury; the metal probe of the plug gun slides smoothly into place, the plug can be applied by squeezing the handle on the plug gun a few times. These inserts will fully vulcanise either chemically or in a heat curing system.