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Stop n Go Tire Plugger Instructions

The Tire Plugger brings a whole new technology to emergency tubeless tire repairs. It repairs punctures from the inside/out! The gun drives the plug into the hole and then expands under pressure to plug the puncture. The mushroom head seats on the inner wall assuring a tight fit, allowing no air to escape.


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Plugging a Hole in a Tubeless Tire
This video explains how to plug a tubeless tire using a Trail-Gear Tire Repair Kit.

Delboy's Garage, Emergency Puncture Repair, Motorcycle Tyre.
Came out to get the bike ready for work today, ran through the usual pre-ride safety checks...and found a handy nail in the back tyre....20 minutes to go before leaving...plenty of time to fix it....Enjoy.

Tubeless tyre puncture mushroom plug temporary repair
Puncture caused by woodscrew repaired in a few minutes using the Stop&Go 'Pocket Tire Plugger'

Stop & Go Instructions: Pocket Tire Plugger Kit
For more information about the Pocket Tire Plugger Kit, visit the Dennis Kirk website at http://bit.ly/XfPPad For more than 30 years, Stopngo has been providing motorcycle riders and the power sports industry with quality products such as our award winning Pocket Tire Plugger which allows customers to fix a flat quickly and easily to avoid being stranded.

how to puncture repair in tubeless tyre there five thing to repair a tubeless tyre. 1. air compressor for air inflation 2. marker or any type of chalk for marking where is nail hole 3. saifty knife for cutting extra or over head strip 4. nose player for remove the nail from tyre 5. tubeless repairing kit Kit contain A. poker for inlarge the nail hole B. 5 nos puncher strip for seal the hole and C. strip inserting tools for insert the strip

Tips for successfully using the Stop n Go Tire Plugger
The Tire Plugger brings a whole new technology to emergency tubeless tire repairs. It repairs punctures from the inside/out! The gun drives the plug into the hole and then expands under pressure to plug the puncture. The mushroom head seats on the inner wall assuring a tight fit, allowing no air to escape.

TireBee Truck Tire Repair Tool
Tirebee.com Patented tool allows the user to repair flats in the heaviest of truck tires without removing the tire from the truck. Permanently! www.tirebee.com

How to fix a motorcycle puncture in 90 seconds
http://www.motorbiketours.co.nz This video shows how to use a motorcycle puncture repair kit, as a New Zealand motorcycle tour company we supply these kits with our motorbike rentals. This is the how to for tubeless tyre puncture repairs and will work with any motorcycle tire.

How To Fix A Flat Tire
Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 42 years, shows how you can fix a flat tire yourself. Visit Scottykilmer.com for free answers to all your car questions.

Ride-On Motorcycle Puncture Demonstration
Ride-On TPS tire sealant motorcycle tire puncture demo video. Ride-On TPS motorcycle. While you ride, a protective layer of Ride-On TPS - a gel like substance containing fibers six times stronger than steel - coats the inner liner of your tires. This protective coating not only makes your tires virtually impervious to flats, but also actively balances them for LIFE!

Permanent Tire Repair for Off Road and Heavy Equipment
This video shows a tire repair in progress on an ATV using Barnes Permanent Tire Repair system. It can be used on any tire and because of the ease of repair of a tire while it is still on the vehicle is great for off road vehicles and heavy equipment.

Short video of how a "plug & Go" tyre plug helped a fellow rider on his way
Spotted this guy stopped at the side of the road into London on my commute this week and spun back to see if I could help. The biggest sod off bit of metal stuck in the rear tyre and completely deflated. Unrideable. Offered to try a temp gum stick patch. Removed the metal from the tyre with my pliers. The hole was huge, big enough to push a Bic Biro into. Didn't need to use the reamer tool to increase the hole size. Added a little rubber glue (acts as a lubricant to help the plug go in) Threaded the plug onto the application tool about 1/3 along the stringy plug length. Forced the plug into the hole until approx 2cm of plug hanging out and then gave it a few turns before pulling the tool out. Normally I'd have used a lighter to melt the tail of the plug into the tyre tread but didn't this time. Used 2 of the CO2 canisters to inflate to enough to be rideable (make sure you screw the connecting tube to the bike valve first then the CO2 canister on and be prepared to screw it in fast as it will leak as it punctures and get very cold. Warm the canister with your hands to get the last out and then repeat with another canister. The patch worked till the rider got to the next gas station a few miles away and I advised him to put in 40PSI (to help hold the plug in place and allow for any slight leakage) Hopefully he got to Essential Rubber in London for a new tyre and got to work on time. The fix took 5 Min's to do.


How To: Basic Tyre Plug Repairs
How to repair a flat tyre (tire) without even taking the wheel off the car - using a special puncture plug kit. A repair like this will take you less than 10 minutes.

How to Plug a Tire and High Winds in Ny
Thanks for watching Check out our website at http://theoutlawvideoss.webs.com/

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